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5. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

Welcome to the second edition of my “Salon Focus Series” – where I dedicate a blog post to a salon, spa or hairdressers and give feedback on my experience, what I got done as well as shine a light on some of the treatments and services they offer. This week it’s all about a relatively new salon called, “The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon” located on 1 St. Andrews Terrace, Newtown, Waterford. It’s ran by Emma Fraher Power who has over 17 years experience in the beauty and holistic industry. She specialises in reflexology and reflexotherapy and just last week she celebrated one year in business.

Since opening, The Ivy has been thriving and it’s fast becoming one of the most sought after spots to get some rest and relaxation in the city. I asked Emma how it came about that she opened her own salon. She explained to me that she decided to start up her own business after a conversation she had with her brother who was dying. He told her that she had a great gift in helping people and he encouraged her to follow her dreams, if not for herself, then for him. He passed away. A week later, Emma handed in her notice in work, and 8 weeks later she opened her own salon. An incredible story that brought tears to my eyes. After being in the salon and experiencing the beautiful feeling in the building, I have no doubt Emma’s brother is smiling proudly down on her and what she has achieved with The Ivy.

There are 3 therapists working with Emma; Glenda Cullen, Natasha Delaney and Grace Fitzpatrick, each with their own different loves and talents, which makes The Ivy the perfect place to go for groups who are looking to get a mix of treatments.

1. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

Voya Treatments

2.The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

If you are any way into your skincare you would have heard of Voya. It is a luxury organic skincare brand whose products are designed for specific skin types. The girls tailor each facial to what your skin needs. Only the finest natural ingredients are found in Voya’s products including seaweed extract and essential oils. At The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon they offer a range of facials from an SOS Mini facial (45mins €50) to a Deluxe Facial (1 hr 30mins €80) with their main aim being to protect and nourish your skin. The Deluxe Facial even includes a 20 minute back massage, which makes this treatment even more relaxing!!! Heaven!

Each of the Voya Body Treatments sounds more relaxing than the next but the stand out one for me has to be the Voya Seaweed Bath (45mins €35). It would make an excellent pre treatment before a massage or any holistic treatment, as it would warm your muscles and make them more supple, enabling the therapist to go even deeper with her pressure. It would also be lovely before a facial, as it would give your mind and body time to relax, which would in turn help you relax even more. I’d imagine A LOT of people fall asleep on the treatment table!

The bath is made up of hand harvested organic seaweed. For centuries seaweed has been known for it’s therapeutic properties. It helps eliminate and draw toxins out of the body as well as help reduce aches and pains. It helps to boost circulation, stimulates your body’s own healing ability as well as moisturise your skin. You’re really getting your moneys worth with this treatment, I think it’s amazing value and it’s definitely on my list for the next time I go.

3. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

Holistic Treatments

8. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon offers many holistic treatments including massage, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Scar Healing (great for any physical or emotional scars), Emotional Freedom Techniques (helps you overcome fears, phobias and anxieties) and their most popular, Reflexotherapy, which I’m going to talk a little about. I first heard of this therapy a few months back when I was working and when Glenda Cullen(therapist at The Ivy) came into me for some treatments.

She explained to me that it’s similar to reflexology in that it works on pressure points on your feet that affects all areas of your body in a positive way but its so much stronger in its effectiveness. In fact, one reflexotherapy treatment is the same as five reflexology treatments combined!!! I was intrigued and it’s definitely something I’d love to train in and add to my holistic therapies that I already have. It’s excellent for helping a wide range of ailments including acute and chronic pain, and it makes a fantastic treatment for any Mum’s to Be during pregnancy. The treatment lasts 50 minutes and costs €50.

Beauty Treatments

The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon offers a whole host of beauty treatments including waxing, tinting, shellac, threading, H.D. Brows, L.V.L. Lashes(your natural lashes are permed, which adds lift, volume and, length) and Epilar Hair Removal. On a regular basis they hold an Aesthetic Clinic, where a qualified doctor comes down and offers anti-aging injections and lip fillers. Keep an eye on their social media for upcoming dates, I’ll link their Facebook and Instagram at the end.

10. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

They use and stock Fuschia make up, an Irish brand, that prides itself on providing the best quality products and using the finest quality ingredients. Makeup application costs €30, with strip lashes €35, with prosecco €40. A bridal makeup trial lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and costs €55.

4. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

Pictured below is their tanning room, which I just adore! No pop up tent here! The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon offers THREE BRANDS OF TAN – Crazy Angel (€20), St. Tropez (€25) and Bellamianta (€25)…I always wanted to try the Bellamianta ever since it stormed onto the market! It always gets phenomenal reviews.

9. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

My Treatment

I booked in for a treatment the week before I was due my baby to de-stress and unwind. I kind of wanted a mix of a few things and they tailored a package to suit my needs. In the end I ended up getting a back, neck and shoulder massage, mini facial with scalp massage and foot massage.

From the moment I walked in to the salon I felt relaxed. As I said above, they’re really is a beautiful feeling in the building. The girls are super welcoming too, I was offered water and a comfy couch to sit and wait until Natasha was ready to do my treatment.  The decor is simply stunning and the room I had the treatment in was littered with candles, as well as salt lamps and there was soft, soothing music playing in the background.

6. The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon

I have dry, dehydrated, slightly sensitive skin so Natasha carried out a soothing and deeply nourishing facial using all Voya products. They felt gorgeous on my skin, like velvet and the smell was incredible, not overly perfumed at all. I adore products that are organic! Afterwards my skin felt plumper, a lot softer and was visibly more radiant. The next day my makeup went on like a dream and lasted so much better throughout the day.

For the back massage, I always want real deep pressure, and it’s rare a therapist goes hard enough on me, as I’m so used to physio but Natasha hit all the right spots perfectly with just the right amount of pressure. I can’t wait to go back now that I’m no longer pregnant, as she will be able to go even harder. If you’re like me and a lover of a deep massage, Natasha is your girl. Just book in and you and your back can thank me later!

The addition of the scalp and foot massage in this package was the cherry on top. People don’t realise but we hold so much tension in these areas and to have them massaged will make you feel like you’re walking on air afterwards. I felt like a new woman, so much lighter, less stressed and that night I slept like a baby (a rare occurrence)!!! It was the perfect time for me to go and have some “me time” as the following week I went into labour with my beautiful baby boy, Danny.

Booking, Prices, Social Media

To book in to The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon you can call 051-340554 or download the Booksy app onto your phone where you can view their price list as well as book in, its super efficient and handy too. Here is their page on the Booksy website => Booksy – The Ivy Beauty Salon

Make sure you give them a follow on social media for upcoming offers and photos of their work. You will find them on Facebook here => The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon and Instagram here => TheIvyBeauty

The Ivy Wellness and Beauty Salon gets a HUUUUUGE thumbs up from me and I can say with confidence that if and when you book in YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Highly, highly recommend, as my Granddad would say, “It was 11 out of 10”. Did you get a treatment there yet?! What did you think of it? If you ever had the reflexotherapy or seaweedbath, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can get in touch with me through any of the ways below.



(NOTE – This was in no way a sponsored or paid post. Emma didn’t ask me to write anything, and I paid for the treatment.)

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