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Welcome to the first edition of my new series “Salon Focus”- where I write about my experience(good or bad) in a salon or spa, could be either hair or beauty, and share their services, what they have to offer and my recommendations, if any. The majority of the salons and spas will be Waterford based but on the rare occasion I venture out beyond the Déise for a spa day I’ll make sure to cover it. I’ll always include my own photos unless otherwise stated.

1. Deise Beauty

Déise Beauty Salon

Déise Beauty is located on Slievekeale Road in waterford City. The lovely owner, Tetyana, got in touch with me and kindly invited me in for a treatment of my choice. She never asked me to write a blog post and she didn’t try dictate what I write in any way, and I was not obliged to write this post, so this is in no way a sponsored post or an ad. I am simply sharing my own experience. I would never tell over 5,500 people that something was good if it wasn’t. It just wouldn’t make sense. Aaaaaanyway,  I was delighted she invited me in because I knew of Tetyana’s work and just how good she is at lash extensions. They offer a range of beauty treatments from nails and lashes to more advanced treatments like permanent makeup and microneedling. I chose to get the One to One Lashes, and I was so glad I did! I also attended Tetyana’s first ever beauty event where we were introduced to her team and the newer services they provide…but more on that later.

5. Deise Beauty

How it all began…

Before I talk about the lashes or the event I just wanted to fill you in a little on how Déise Beauty started. Tetyana started out here in Ireland in 2011 by going to peoples houses. At that time her business was called, “Happy Nails.” After a few years she had built up a huge customer base and was eventually able to set up her own place. She also increased the amount of services she provided, and so Déise Beauty was born. The services include Gel Nails, Eyelash Extentions, Waxing, Permanent Makeup, Spray Tanning, Pedicure, Manicure, Microneedling, Anti cellulite treatments, Mini Me Body Wrap, Sugaring, Janssen Facials, Henna Brows and Botox Lashes.

4. Deise Beauty

The Team

Tetyana now has her own receptionist, Rita and three other therapists working for her. Greta Dycina has over five years experience as a nail technician and has just recently trained in Eyelash Extensions. Valery Lopanitsyna is an Eyelash Extentionist with years of experience behind her. Karin Camara has over fifteen years experience working in the beauty industry and she now specialises in lashes, nails and facials while also providing a wide range of other beauty treatments too.

6. Deise Beauty

One to One Lashes

7. Deise Beauty

The lashes I got are called, “One to One” Lashes and I opted for these ones over the 3D lashes because they give a more natural wispy full look rather than a full on super glam look, which I think can sometimes look OTT when you’ve no makeup on. I’m not one for wearing a huge amount of makeup so I decided to go for the One to One.

One to One Lashes = the therapist applies one false lash to one of your natural lashes. Cost €50

3D Lashes = the therapist applies a cluster of three lashes to one of your natural lashes. Cost €65

I’d have super sensitive eyes that water easily and I couldn’t get over just how comfortable the lashes felt on. So so light and you wouldn’t even feel them. No heaviness or irritation, I loved the finish result. They can last anywhere up to four weeks, with some people even getting six weeks out of them. It really depends on how well you look after them and your own natural lash growth. It’s important to avoid using any oily cleansers, as the oil can weaken the glue. I have them on two weeks now and they’re still perfect. A little video is up now(Fri 21/6/2018) on my Instagram Stories if you’d like to see for yourself. I am super impressed with their lasting power. If you’re thinking of lash extensions I’d HIGHLY recommend Tetyana.

7.2 Deise Beauty
My Before and Straight Away After

The Brands

8. Deise Beauty

They stock Janssen Cosmetics, Bellamianta, Guinot, Oda as well as a wide range of beauty products including nail polishes, and teeth whitening products

9. Deise Beauty

10. Deise Beauty

12. Deise Beauty


Any shade you could think of Déise Beauty has it. I mean just look at all those options!!! They do gorgeous nail art and designs too which is always a huge plus for me.

Full Set of Gel Nails €40

Shellac on hands €20

Shellac on Toes 25

11. Deise Beauty

13. Deise Beauty

16. Deise Beauty

Déise Beauty Event

17. Deise Beauty

Déise Beauty’s first ever event was on in The Viking Hotel about two weeks. All proceeds went to The Waterford Hospice. €360 was raised and it was a really enjoyable event learning about the technology behind Janssen Cosmetics as well as listening to Tetyana speak about how her business began and the new services they now offer.

19. Deise Beauty

Specialised Treatments

Here are three of the specialised treatments that intrigued me the most at the event and what I gathered from listening to the presentation. I think I’ll have to book in for the Body Wrap after I have the baby!!! Sounds incredible!!!!

MiniMe Body Wrap

  • Tones and firms the skin
  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Cleanse and exfoliates the skin
  • Detoxifies
  • Aids inch loss
  • Contains an active fat bursting ingredient and it has an anti cellulite agent!

2. Deise Beauty

Anti Cellulite Vacuum Massage

  • safe, natural and non invasive
  • enhances relaxation while targeting problem areas
  • reduces excess fat deposits in hips, thighs and bum
  • improves blood circulation
  • increases lymph circulation and elimination of toxins
  • improves skin tightness, firmness and elasticity


  • is a type of hair removal that’s much kinder to the skin over waxing
  • very little discomfort, redness or irritation
  • 100% natural product is used…it is literally honey, sugar, lemon and water
  • does not burn the skin as its applied at room temperature
  • helps eliminate ingrown hairs
  • exfoliates, so has the added benefit of improving texture of the skin
  • regular sugaring will reduce hair growth
  • results last longer than regular waxing
  • hypoallergenic and antiseptic

15. Deise Beauty

Janssen Cosmetics

18. Deise Beauty

Julia McCarthy from Janssen Cosmetics here in Ireland also spoke at the event. Janssen Cosmetics is a German brand that is sold in over 80 countries worldwide! It’s a family run business that is ONLY SOLD through trained beauty therapists in salons and spas. This means you can’t just go into a shop and purchase, it has to be prescribed per your skin type. This ensures the best possible result for you and your skin. Janssen Cosmetics combine the power of beauty with the power of science and I can’t wait to book in for one of their facials!

If you have any questions about any of the treatments, or you’d like to find out what would work best for you don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tetyana, she really knows her stuff and won’t steer you wrong. Her contact number is 087-6191540. For prices check their website => You can also find her business page on Facebook => Déise Beauty and on Instagram => @deise_beauty. Huge thanks to Tetyana for inviting me in to her business, I adore my lashes. After all, they help me feel human when I’ve no makeup on, which is a feat in itself!

3. Deise Beauty

Hope you enjoyed my first edition of my “Salon Focus” Series. Have you ever had treatments done in Déise Beauty? Is there anything you’d particularly recommend I try? Get in touch through any of the ways below.



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