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Welcome to this week’s edition of my “Follow Friday” Series. It’s a series I began because with all the negativity on social media lately I wanted to bring back some positivity and showcase accounts that use their platforms in a positive way…people who I love to follow and find creative, talented and inspiring. This week’s I want to talk about an Irish makeup artist and Youtuber that is taking the beauty industry by storm. There is no stopping this girl…Ireland’s answer to Desi perkins….it’s Keilidh Cashell!!!

8. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua

Where it all Began

Keilidh began to make her mark in the makeup industry with Inglot Ireland before going out on her own. She was an Inglot pro team member, always doing masterclasses across the country as well as leading the roadshow events. She even designed her own palette with the company. An incredible achievement!

10. Keilidh Cashell
Yes…that’s Keilidh up on a billboard in the middle of Newcastle, England!!! Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua

I was lucky enough to see her at one of the Inglot Waterford Roadshows. On stage, she was in her comfort zone. A natural born talker and entertainer, she was made for the stage. She demoed the makeup with such ease while at he same time being very funny. I met her after the roadshow and she was so friendly and approachable. As talented and stunning as she is, Keilidh is very down to earth and humble. She works her ass and it’s very evident she adores what she does.

6. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua
13. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua

Her Following

At 22 years of age, Keilidh has just under 200,000 followers on Instagram and under 100,000 on Youtube. She does really easy to follow tutorials and “Get Ready with Me” Videos. Darren, her boyfriend, is often featured and the two of them together are hilarious!!! Their videos together are a must watch! Her Snapchat always has me laughing.

9. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua

She is currently on the way to LA Vegas now for a press trip with Inglot Ireland to meet Jennifer Lopez for the official launch of JLOxINGLOT collaboration!!!! Like, helllloooo? That is beyond incredible!!!! It’s her first ever press trip and I’ve no doubt it will be the first of MANY!!!

16. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram InglotIreland


In the last year she has won many awards including “Best Beauty Influencer” from the Image Beauty of Business Awards, “Rising Star” from the Inglot Awards and “Best Beauty Influencer” from the Xpose/benefit Awards! There is literally no stopping this girl and she’s only going to become more successful.

15. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua


4. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua
7. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua

Always Spreading those Positive Vibes

I wanted to feature Keilidh as part of my “Follow Friday” because she uses her platform to showcase her creativity and spread positivity, which in turn inspires other makeup artists to step out of their comfort and try different looks.

5. Keilidh Cashell
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua
17. Keilidh Cashell.jpg
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhMua
18. Keilidh Cashell.jpg
Photo Via Instagram KeilidhCashell

She is very interactive with her followers and often creates makeup challenges to encourage her followers to get creative. She shares her favourite looks and often gives shout outs to makeup artists that inspire her. She often has other makeup artists doing takeovers on her Instagram stories which is such a fantastic thing to see. She has great admiration and respect to others in the industry. She’s the epitome of how hard work and determination will get you to where you want to go. I say fair play to her, here’s wishing her all the success in the world.

So if you’re not following her…GET ON IT!!!

Keilidh’s Social Media

Youtube – Keilidh Mua

Instagram – KeilidhMua

Facebook – KeilidhMua

Twitter – @keilidhmua


17.Keilidh Cashell

I hope you enjoyed this weeks “Follow Friday”. Who would you like to see being mentioned? Who are your favourite people to follow? Who inspires you on social media? Let me know through any of the ways below.



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