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People always give out about bloggers, they’re full of crap, they’re a walking, talking ad, which, hey let’s face it SOME of them are, but maybe, just maybe you’re following the wrong ones, as we’re not all the same. Amazing ones DO EXIST!!!
So to bring some positivity back to social media, I wanted to start sharing people who I love to follow, not only bloggers but makeup artists, poets, artists, businesses, anyone really that I find helpful, inspirational or creative. Tonight I’m kicking off my new Follow Friday Series with my favourite blogger…

Sinead Kavanagh – The Beautiful Truth

Sinead Kavanagh - The Beautiful Truth
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She is hands down one of the most honest and genuine bloggers and I trust her reviews 100%. Any time I’m thinking of buying new makeup or skincare I’ll always search her site to see if she has a review on it. She reviews all things beauty but as well as that she has a little section called, “The Tiny Truth” and has some really helpful blogs for Mams. When I found out I was pregnant her post – The First Time Parent Starter Kit was the first “Mammy” article I’ve ever read and it helped me no ends.
She is a wife, a Mam and a teacher and her blog isn’t how she makes a living, which means she has no hassle saying when products haven’t suited her. She never says something is good just for the sake of it.
She understands that people work hard for their money, and would hate to see people waste it.
Sinead always replies to my Snaps and Facebook messages and has helped me countless times with my blog. I went to her Social Media Training Workshop – Run a Business or Blog? Take it to the next level with Anseo Online Bespoke Workshop and I came away with invaluable information that improved my blog hugely.
Sinead is just normal, she has no notions about herself and is a joy to listen to on Snap and Instagram. She recently launched her very own brand Alainn by Sinead and her first product is a Customisable Organiser that is 100% Irish and every makeup lovers dream. I love following her journey and I wish her all the success in the world. She is without a doubt one to follow!
Who do you love to follow? I’d love your input to this series too. Let me know through any of the ways below.
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