Awaken Your Senses with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils from plants to affect specific issues or areas of the body. It can be used for helping with a range of conditions from insomnia and anxiety to digestive and respiratory problems. Aromatherapy massage is very popular, super relaxing, and is definitely one of my favourite treatments. I trained in Aromatherapy years ago and tonight I want to share with you some of the best ways to use it at home for some common problems we all face. You can reap it’s benefits of this  by adding essential oils to baths, oil burners, compresses, shampoos and sometimes even neat on the skin.

Insomnia/Aches and Pains

If you have difficulty sleeping add 6 drops of Sweet Marjoram essential oil to 300ml of milk and add to your bath, then sit back and let any stress melt away. This oil is also excellent for muscular aches and pains, headaches, poor circulation as well as helping to calm the mind.

Insect Repellent

In the summer, you may notice little flies in your home. A great way to deter these is by using an oil burner. One of the best oils for use as an insect repellent is lemongrass, as when it is used in a burner it creates an environment that insects don’t like. This oil is also very good for uplifting the mind and enlivening the senses. Mix water with peppermint essential oil and spray around windowsills and doorways. Spiders HATE peppermint and works as a great deterrent!

Essential Oils

Respiratory Problems/Oily Congested Skin

If you suffer from any respiratory problems, such as sinus infections, blocked noses or have the flu, the inhalation method of using essential oils can be very effective. Eucalyptus, peppermint and Bergamot are very beneficial for these purposes. They help to clear the airways as well as helping to remove any blocked mucus. This technique has great effects on the skin, especially oily skin. It helps clear blocked pores and brightens the complexion. It will also allow deeper penetration of moisturiser, when its applied afterwards. Facial steaming is best done AFTER you double cleanse and BEFORE you exfoliate, whwn adding in to your skincare routine.

Spot Buster

The application of essential oils neat on the skin is generally not recommended. However there are 2 you can: Tea Tree and Lavender. Tea Tree is a great little spot buster, as it dries the area and speeds up the healing process of the spot. This helps get rid of the spot quicker reducing your risk of scarring, (since the longer a spot is there, the more likely a mark will be left behind). Tea tree oil is antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. One drop directly onto the spot is recommended. It’s one of those oils that I think should be in every home. Incredible added to a foot soak, it works wonders on thickened discoloured nails, fungal infections and keeping your feet healthy, in general.

Tea Tree Essential Oil


Lavender oil is an all-rounder and has numerous benefits.  It’s antibacterial and germicidal, so amazing for the skin. It’s refreshing, relaxing and excellent for the nervous and immune system. Add it into your bath or burn in an oil burner for enhancing your relaxtion


You can even make your own shampoo with your favourite oils. Add 2 drops of your chosen essential to a mild, unperfumed shampoo and enjoy. Chamomile is widely used for fair hair, whereas Rosemary is great for dark hair. Rosemary is also amazing for any joint problems and stress related disorders. Chamomile is great for calming the mind and reducing inflammation.


Some of the best essential oils for anxiety include lavender, rose, ylang ylang and bergamot. Using any of these oils in an oil burner or in your bath or footsoak as  will help with anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Lavender Benefits

  • helps restore the nervous system
  • helps with inner peace, sleep and restlessness
  • reduces irritably and panic attacks
  • helps calm a nervous stomach and general tension

Rose Benefits

  • relieves anxiety and depression
  • incredible for panic attacks
  • beneficial for anyone in shock or grieving

Ylang Ylang Benefits

  • very calming and uplifting, which makes it beneficial for anxiety and depression
  • calms heart agitation and nervous palpitations
  • also very effective for insomnia

Bergamot Benefits

  • increases energy levels and can help ease depression in this way by making you feel more energised
  • enhances relaxation
  • fights tension and stress

Robert Tisserand Quote

Patch Testing

When using an essential oil for the first time you want to make sure you’re not allergic. Add whatever essential oil you’d like to start using into a little base oil, like almond oil or coconut oil, and apply a little of this mix behind your ear or in the crook of your elbow. If after 24 hours there’s no reaction, you’re good to go!

I really hope you found this post helpful and that you start to enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy from your own home. Do you have any essential oil favourites or different ways you like to use them? Let me know!



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