Dr. Irena Eris Intense Moisturising and Firming Serum

Dr. Irena Eris

I have been trialing Dr. Irena Eris’s Intense Moisturising and Firming Serum for the past few months, after the lovely people at SkincarePro.ie got in touch and sent it out to me. Dr. Irena Eris is a doctor of pharmacy and she created this line of cosmeceutical products with a holistic approach, taking the body AND the mind into consideration. It is huge in Poland and here in Ireland it’s SkincarePro.ie that stock it. In the past I have used an eye serum from this brand with great results => Need a lift??? Dr. Irena Eris Ultimate Up Lift Eye Treatment could be exactly what you need!

Dr. Irena Eris


Sooooo Serums? Are you using one? If not, how come? Everyone can benefit from a serum, all skin types, all ages, once it’s right for what YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE. Serums are a lot more concentrated than moisturisers which means you only need a small amount. They are often bursting with anti-oxidants which fight free radicals that cause aging. There are many serums on the market with various different functions, so it’s important to find the right one for you. You always apply a serum right before your moisturiser for best results.

Intense Moisturising and Firming Serum

The serum I’m talking about tonight is Dr. Irena Eris’s Intense Moisturising and Firming Serum and it’s the first ever serum to combine Cannibis Sativa Oil and Hyaluronic Acid in it’s formula to increase hydration levels in our skin. I loved how this felt on my skin, super silky and it absorbed really well. There wasn’t much of a scent to it, if anything it had a clean scent. It comes with a dropper which gave me total control of the amount I wanted rather than pouring out too much and wasting it. I found the dropper really handy. I used this every morning and night for about 2 months. It took about two weeks for me to notice any real difference. After the two weeks, I found my dehydration lines were finer and the upper layers of my skin were definitely a lot plumper. There wasn’t much difference to my wrinkles but with continued use I’d expect to see a reduction. What I loved most was how it made my skin FEEL…roughness that I often have on my cheeks and forehead have dramatically reduced.

The Science

The two main active ingredients are:

1. Cannibis Sativa Oil

  • rich in Vitamins A, D and E
  • extremely effective for dry and dehydrated skin because it restores our skin’s natural hydro-lipid balance
  • effectively combats wrinkles and signs of aging
  • nourishes the skin

2. Hyaluronic Acid

  • a powerful humectant that’s widely caused in cosmetics
  • attracts and retains moisture in the skin helping combat dehydration
  • helps firm the skin and increase it’s elasticity, making it firmer and softer
  • it helps with collagen production which makes it very effective in fighting lines and wrinkles

Dr. Irena Eiris Serum


I’d recommend Dr. Irena Eris Intense Moisturising and Firming Serum specifically for dry, dehydrated skins. It would be the perfect addition to your skincare now, coming into the winter months when the weather is turning colder. Factors like central heating, the cold air, fires burning, all cause havoc with our skin causing it to dry out. This particular serum is beneficial for all ages, from the age of 20 on. It costs €28 and is available to buy directly from SkincarePro.ie => https://www.skincarepro.ie/skincare/hydro-oleo-intense-moisturising-firming-serum

Have you ever used anything from Dr. Irena Eris? How did you find it? What’s your go to serum? Let me know through any of the ways.

Love the Skin You’re In.



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