Laura Dempsey’s Cailyn Masterclass in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy

I was delighted to be invited into Waterford Health Park on Wednesday last for Laura Dempsey’s Cailyn Masterclass. Huge thanks to Sandra for having me. If you’ve been following me for awhile now you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Laura and her work. I actually featured her on my “Makeup Artist Focus” Series, where I ask my favourite makeup artists questions we all want to know, their go to products as well as showcase their work. You can read it here => MUA Focus – Laura Dempsey

Laura’s Social Media

Laura was the first person I started following on Snapchat, I could watch her doing tutorials all day. She also gives honest reviews on makeup and I 100% trust her recommendations. She is so funny too and always has me laughing. If you’re not following her already…get on it!!! Her Snapchat user name is => laudempmakeup. Laura’s Instagram and Facebook is packed full of stunning makeup looks and would give any novice or professional plenty of inspiration. Instagram => LauDempseyMua Facebook => Laura Dempsey Makeup

2. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass

Cailyn – Where It All Began

It was my first time at one of Laura’s Masterclasses and I couldn’t wait. She was doing an Autumn/Winter look with a bold lip using all Cailyn products. The lovely Lisa from Cailyn welcomed us all and gave us a little history of the brand. Cailyn began back in the year 2000 in the heart of L.A. It originally was used in the film and high fashion industry before breaking out into the general market for sale to the public. The whole line is made specifically to last all day and to withstand the harsh lights of film and photography to give you a flawless finish every time. Cailyn is is a high end brand that offers makeup and skincare that are mineral based and inspired by nature. It is completely cruelty free as they do not test on animals!

3. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass

The Masterclass


4. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass

Laura then got the show on the road and began with eyes. Laura always starts with brows. By doing this it frames your eyes and allows you to see exactly where you want to put your eyeshadow. Doing your eyes after foundation can often lead to fall out of the eyeshadow and ruin all your work, so doing eyes first prevents this. To give shape and definition to the brows Laura used Cailyn’s Gelux Brow Gel €20, a must have product for her…it’s her favourite brow gel to use on herself and her clients. It is waterproof, smudge proof and will not move. Laura explains that it is especially beneficial for those with sparse brows, as the product adheres to the skin and will stay there all day. When working with a gel, Laura recommends to work fast because when it dries it will not budge. She used shade “Cocoa” on the beautiful Kerry, her model.

13. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass
Cailyn’s Gelux Brow Gel. Photo Credit –

To “carve” the brows and to ensure she has a blank canvas to work with on the lids Laura used Cailyn’s HD Coverage Concealer €21. This will define and sharpen the brows. Applying it on the eyelids will conceal discolourations, little veins and will make your eyeshadows stand out more. It’s very important to set the area to prevent creasing of the lids. Laura used one of the setting powders from Cailyn’s Highlight and Contour Palette €45


Laura mixed together Cailyn’s O Triple Blush €26 and used it as her transition shade, Don’t forget makeup can be multi-use and just because a product is sold for a particular use doesn’t mean you can’t use it for more than it’s purpose. Laura explained the importance of a transition colour…it will help all your other eyeshadows blend so much better. Every colour you add, you will blend out with your transition. This will give you a smooth and perfect blend. Hold your brush at the very end of the handle, this will ensure a lighter hand giving you a better blend. Using pinky tones for your transition colour will really make blue eyes pop!

Laura used the browns from Cailyn’s Highlight and Contour Palette with a smaller brush than the one used for transition. Remember the darker the colour the smaller the brush. Using spotless brushes is key in achieving an effortless blend.

5. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass

Laura then applied Cailyn’s Gel Liner €20.50 in shade “Bronze” all over the lid mixed with a little Cailyn’s Fix It €14. This acts as a base for pigment and makes it more intense. Using a smaller brush with brown shadow she then softened the edges of the eyeliner base. For eyelid pigment Laura used Cailyn’s Deluxe Mineral Bronzer Powder €30 in shade “Golden Rose”. It looked stunning on the lids, with pinky golden reflects.

For her winged liner Laura used Cailyn’s iDefine Liquid Eyeliner €16 and explained how its best to do a little at a time. She began by pressing and dragging from inner corner. A really good tip she gave for doing eyeliner yourself was to use a swivel mirror and look down into the mirror. That way both your eyes are open, there’s enough stretch on your lids and you can see exactly where you want it. To reach the inner corner, just hold the mirror to the side!


12. Laura Dempsey Cailyn Masterclass
Cailyn’s HD Foundation in Shade 5…I had to buy it!!!

For foundation Laura used Cailyn’s HD Foundation €34 in shade 5. This foundation is super full coverage, oil free, and is designed specifically for filming and photography. The coverage was phenomenal and gave a flawless finish. It’s more suited to dry/dehydrated skin types and Laura uses it a lot on mature clients. Very important to set this foundation because of it’s creamy texture. Laura explains the importance of applying foundation in downwards strokes rather than upwards. Applying it upwards will only make fine facial hair more obvious. Laura applied the foundation with Cailyn’s O WOW Brush €30 to give an airbrush finish thanks to its densely packed velvet like bristles.


Laura left under the eyes and centre of the forehead free from foundation and applied Cailyn’s HD Coverage Concealer €21 in shade 2. The best way to cover dark circles is to apply the concealer in an upside down triangle under the eyes AND NOT A SEMI CIRCLE. Concealer was also applied down the centre of the nose and middle of the chin to bring back light and dimension to the centre of the face.


To set under the eyes Laura used Cailyn’s Finishing Powder €26 in shade “Blush Pink” and set the rest of the face using Cailyn’s Finishing Powder €26 in shade “Banana Yellow”.  She explained the importance of pressing it into the skin rather than swirling. By pressing product into the skin you’re are ensuring your makeup will last so much longer.

Undereye and Mascara

For under the eyes, Laura used Cailyn’s Gel Eyeshadow Pencil €17.50 in shade “Mink”, which dries and does not move and really suits blue eyes. For mascara she used Cailyn’s 7-in-1 Dual 4D Fiber Mascara €25. It’s a super pigmented mascara that lengthens, thickens and conditions lashes thanks to Vitamin B5. It comes with two brushes, one for upper and one for lower, so you’re guaranteed to reach every little lash. A goot tip Laura gave was to always apply the mascara to your bottom lashes FIRST. This ensures no transfer of mascara onto the skin.

6. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass

Inner Corner Highlight

For the inner corner highlight of the eye, Laura applied Cailyn’s Carnival Glitter €15 in shade “Snowdust”. If you’re anything like me and are basically half magpie and love things than sparkle you will looooooove Cailyn’s Glitters. They are simply stunning in how they catch the light and reflect back all the different undertones. I want every single one of them! She dipped her brush in Cailyn’s Stik It Glue €14 before dipping it in the glitter. This helped it stay in place and gave her more control over exactly where she wanted it. It’s translucent formula acts as the perfect base to show off glitters and pigments as well as make them more intense.


Laura then used Cailyn’s Highlight and Contour Palette €45 for contouring. She began with bronzing the temples, under the cheekbones and jawline and then followed with her contour shades. Bronzers are your transition shades for your face and will help the contour shades blend better. She also explained how bronzers are always warm toned, whereas contour shades are usually more cool toned. Bronzers “warm up” the face, whereas contour shades give it more structure and defintion.

Blush and Highlight

For blush, Laura used Cailyn’s Mineral Blush Powder €28 in shade “Dust Rose” a gorgeous shade that suits most skin tones and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. For highlight Laura used Cailyn’s Mineral Bronzer Powder €30 in shade “Golden Rose”. I could not get over this highlight, it was simply stunning!!!! She applied it to the cheekbones, a little on the tip of the nose, cupids bow ann centre of the chin. It really brought the whole look together.

7. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass


For lips, Laura did a bold ombre lip and to achieve this she began by applying Cailyn’s iCone Gel Lipliner €21 in shade “Oak”. Because this is a gel, when it dries it will last literally all day!!! She then applied her 2 lipstick shades for the ombre effect…Cailyn’s Pure Luxe Lipstick €19.50 in shades 28 and 32. It was the perfect combination to finish this Autumn/Winter look.

The Finished Look

8. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass

The finished look was simply stunning and to see the way Laura worked was amazing. She made it look so effortless, her natural ability for makeup is second to none but her ease in front of a crowd and the way she was able to explain everything so well was commendable. I think she would make a great teacher and booking in with her for a one to one lesson is definitely on my list of goals for 2018!!! What makes Laura really stand out for me as a makeup artist, apart from her incredible skill, is how genuine she is and even though she has a combined following of well over 50, 000 people she has no notions about herself. If you ever have the chance to see her in action, go, and you’ll know exactly what I mean! You will learn so much as well as having such a laugh, I already can’t wait for her next one!!!

9. Laura Dempsey's Cailyn Masterclass

All the products mentioned are available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy. Make sure you’re following them to keep up to date with their upcoming events, special offers and product news. You will find them on Facebook here => Waterford Health Park Pharmacy   I really hope you enjoyed this post and learned some new techniques.



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