Planning a Wedding??? Waterford has you covered!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended The Tower Hotel’s Wedding Evening and the unveiling of their new ballroom….and MY GOD is it stunning?!! Plush carpets, crystal chandeliers, massive mirrors that completely open up the room and give it such a luxurious, elegant feel. All you would have to do is spend a few moments admiring the decor before booking your wedding there and then! You really should go in and have a look at the design, it got me excited for my own wedding and I’m not even engaged!!!

58. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

I was inspired by the staff, the surroundings and the businesses showcasing their services and it got me thinking!!! What if I wrote a blog post, almost like a mini guide, on organising your wedding in Waterford?! Now I couldn’t possibly touch on everything that’s involved in a wedding but hopefully what I do mention helps a little.

I could only imagine how stressful it is and how overwhelming it must be with all the incredible choice out there. So this post is going to be dedicated to local businesses that will help you create, personalise, and remember your perfect day. These businesses are specialists in the field of bringing joy and happiness to those that hire them and realise the importance of two people finding their “happy ever after”. Many of the people I’ll be discussing were at The Tower Hotel’s Wedding Evening and some were not but I wanted to bring them both together in one post to help you create a wonderful wedding in Waterford…Ireland’s oldest city(and loveliest, but I could be just bias)!

The Tower Hotel

12. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Banqueting Staff at The Tower Hotel

The Tower Hotel is one of the most popular hotels for weddings in the south east and I’m not in the least surprised given that their wedding team is made up of Deirdre Byrne and Aine Comerford, Events Managers and Patrick Myler, Banqueting Manager. This terriffic trio know exactly how to plan and orchestrate a wedding, covering every detail from the moment you and your guests arrive at the steps of the hotel to when you leave.

16. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Pictured at The Tower Hotel’s Wedding Evening, Patrick Myler, Banqueting manager under the arch created by Utopia Flowers Waterford

You will not regret planning your wedding with either Deirdre or Aine, because they both appreciate the importance as well as the magic of tying the knot. They listen intently to exactly what you want and show you how to make your dreams into reality. Deirdre actually got married in The Tower and she knows weddings inside and out.

15. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
The area just outside the ballroom in the Tower Hotel, often where the champagne reception is held before dinner

Patrick Myler, oversees your whole reception and ensures everything goes off smoothly.  An absolute pleasure to chat to as well, with years of experience behind him in Banqueting, your reception will be perfect with Patrick! The Tower Hotel is nestled in the heart of Waterford City with some fantastic places nearby for photos, so you won’t have far to travel.

24. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Desserts designed by The Tower’s highly trained chefs

The food is exceptional and the chefs will design a menu that will meet the needs of all your guests. The Bridal Suite is stunning and is definitely worth popping in and having a look. Now with the newly refurbished ballroom, The Tower is going to be in even greater demand, so make sure you book your consultation on 051-862300 and check out their website =>

4. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Love this idea #upthedeise

Big Bang

On the night of The Tower Hotel’s Wedding Evening, I arrived to the front of the hotel where the red carpet was laid out, vintage cars were lined up and an incredibly talented band, called Big Bang, were playing some very funky tunes…the perfect introduction to the whole night!

14. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Strawberries and Champagne on arrival

The “Big Bang” are a local Waterford band born out of The Waterford Acadamy of Music and Dramatic Arts. I think they would be the perfect start to the celebrations of your big day, maybe outside the venue as you and your wedding party are arriving or in the lobby area while everyone is waiting to go into the ballroom. Their style is unique, as they combine many different styles of music from funk and techno to African and Latin beats bringing them altogether through the power of beating their drums. It’s the kind of music that gets into your soul and make you want to move your feet and shake those hips. If you’ve ever seen them at local events you’ll know exactly what I mean. Find them on Facebook here => Big Bang or  call 051-821014

1. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

The Limo Company

21. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

On the evening of The Tower Hotel’s Wedding Evening, The Limo Company had their beautiful vintage cars parked at the front. They are immaculate inside and out, pristinely polished and fit for a Queen and her King. The Limo Company guarantees that their cars are of the highest standard available anywhere. Their mission is to provide the best quotation together with the highest level of professional and personal service. Find them on Facebook here => TLC The Limo Company or call 051-879958

2. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

“As a small, family run business operating from our home, we do not have huge overheads, thus can pass on all the savings to you, the customer, without compromising on quality or service.” Bernard O’Brien

3. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Crafty Creations

23. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Candy Cart by Crafty Creations

To really put your own stamp on your wedding day get your creative juices flowing with Crafty Creations, let them show you how you can show your guests little aspects of your personailty with things like personalised poster boards with your favourite quote or saying.

5. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

18. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Vivienne and Enda make up Crafty Creations and are actually planning their own wedding too! They create art and I always admire things that are handcrafted. They also make wishing wells, a wedding post box where people can leave in their cards or letter, wedding carts full of candy, there’s no end to what they can do. Just have a look  on their Facebook here => Crafty Creations

17. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

6. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Utopia Flowers

7. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Flowers are a HUUUUUUGE part of any wedding and play an integral roll in the ambiance and theme you wish to create. The way Utopia flowers arrange and put together wedding bouquets is second to none. They really try capture your individual story and preferences. They had The Tower Hotel’s Ballroom done beautifully and their arch of flowers was a big hit.

27. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

It would be gorgeous at the doorway to your venue or if you were getting married outside it would make a fabulous focal point for your ceremony. Utopia Flowers have won multiple awards and are one of the most vibrant florist and wedding specialists in the country. Bernie, creator of Utopia Flowers, always keeps up to date with all the latest trends coming through both here and in the UK. She combines her interior design skills with her professional training in floristry to bring you the best bouquets and floral packages around.

19. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Services include; Full Floral Design, Floral Packages, Church and Venue décor, Red Carpet , Keepsake Bouquets, Lantern Hire, Wedding Arch, Bay Trees, Cake Flowers. Based in Waterford City, but also covers surrounding regions, Bernie offers free one to one consultations, which allows her to get a feel for your story.Then, just wait and see what she creates! I’d highly recommend meeting her and having a look through their website =>   Find them on Facebook here => Utopia Flowers or call 051-373400

20. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

The Works

8. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

The Works were there on the night and I was chatting to one of the band members Vincent Cleere, he is the band leader and holds a musical degree. He plays the guitar as well as being an accomplished vocalist. Other band members include Gerry Stewart, Derek Doherty, Enamon Foley and Seanie O’Dwyer. Together they can fill your dancefloor for two hours or more with a set list to suit everybody, no matter what their taste. They cover a wide range of music from indie pop, 60’s, 80’s and classic chart toppers from the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash and The Beatles. They have over 20 years experience playing at weddings, parties and occasions all across Ireland and will make sure the dancefloor is rocking all night. Find them on Facebook here => The Works Band

Cherub Couture Cakes

28. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Anne Marie Cahill Byrne is the creator of Cherub Couture Cakes, based here in  Waterford, her cakes are some of the most sought after cakes in the city for weddings and all types of special occasions.  If you ever tasted some of her creations, you will understand why. Anne Marie doesn’t only bake cakes, she tells a story…your story! She uses colours, textures and the art of sugar craft to make a cake like you’ve never seen before. Her cakes are works of art, and I’m not even exaggerating.

10. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

She has been baking since the age of six years old and holds a Masters in Sugarcraft. This allows her the freedom to design anything you want from cartoon characters, vintage cupcakes, or even a castle with lots of bling, it’s all possible with Cherub Couture Cakes. If you are looking for a bespoke one of a kind wedding cake like no other, I would not go past Anne Marie. You can book a one on one consultation with her by ringing 0877747095. Just have a look at her work on Facebook and be blown away => Cherub Couture Cakes You can thank me later!!!

11. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Deise Weddings

Deise weddings is literally your one stop shop for all your wedding needs. They are the leading entertainment company in Waterford and is ran by well known Dj, Liam O’Connor. Services include dj, sparkle dancefloor, videography, karaoke, candy carts, slideshows, oversized light box letters (pictured below) and photo booth. They carry one of the largest music library around with a collection of just over QUARTER OF A MILLION SONGS….any song you want they are bound to have it!

9. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

I was at a wedding last year that had the sparkle dance floor and I have to say it looked so impressive. It really gave that extra special look to the whole ballroom and the way the twinkly lights caught the brides dress as she danced was beautiful. It made for some really gorgeous photos. They offer some fantastic bundle deals and their website is well worth checking out => and you can find them on Facebook here => Deise Weddings

Irish Entertainments

Irish Entertainments is ran by another well known DJ, John O’Connor, who is actually the brother of Liam I spoke about above. John offers all the same services as mentioned above but he also does something, which I think is amazing, and that’s Gobo Projection. It’s where you can have you and your partners names up in lights projected onto the wall of your venue or a back drop of your choosing. They have lots of fonts and so many styles to choose from.

30. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Gobo Projection by Irish entertainments at The Tower Hotel’s Wedding Evening

I love anything personalised, it’s details like that, that will really make your wedding day stand out and be more memorable. If you’re looking to really put your own stamp on your big day, do it in style with Gobo Projection by Irish Entertainments.  I’d encourage you to book fairly soon, as this is relatively new and everyone is going to want it! You can check out John’s website here => or find them on Facebook here =>Irish Entertainments

22. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
The two brothers John and Liam O’Connor, taking Waterford’s Entertainment Industry by storm

Brendan McCarthy

13. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Brendan McCarthy is an award winning singer, guitarist and entertainer. A classically trained tenor that hails from Kill, Co. Waterford he has a huge range of styles from classic opera and popular chart music to religious and sacred songs. Brendan understands the importance of the part that music plays on your wedding day and he can sing virtually any song you request. You can visit his website here => or find him on Facebook here => Brendan McCarthy Tenor

Sweet Events

43. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Photo Credit – Sweet Events Facebook Page

Sweet Events are a Waterford entertainment company that specialises in selfie mirrors! They were not at The Tower Hotel’s Wedding Evening but I came across them on Facebook and wanted to include them. I think this is going to be the next big thing at weddings and I wouldn’t be surprised if it replaces photo booths altogether. I mean, just look at it! It looks so fancy with it’s red carpet, and roped off area, it will really give you and your guests that WOW factor. You stand in front of it and it takes your photo, prints it out and you can even get it personalised too!!! I absolutely love love love this idea and I have a feeling you’re going to start seeing it at every wedding in the future so make sure you book! Call Fionnuala on 086 865 8365 or find them on Facebook here => Sweet Events

Here Comes The Bride

Next I want to dedicate this little section to the bride, specifically her SKIN, HAIR and MAKEUP. I won’t go into too much detail regards skincare because I intend on dedicating a 2 part blog post on the subject, so make sure you keep an eye out for that! What I will say is that every single bride I’ve ever met in the history of brides says, “I really want my skin to be glowing on my big day.”

Glowing Skin is Always In

To achieve this requires commitment and it does not happen overnight…regular facials with a professional starting at least 3 months prior to your wedding day are key!!

Love the Skin You’re In with Re>Nu Treatment Rooms

ReNu Treatment Rooms

As some of you may or may not know, blogging is my hobby and what I do for a living is run my own treatment room for the past 5 years, called Re>Nu Treatment Rooms, in The Tower Hotel. I am a qualified body and beauty therapist for the last 11 years and my passions are skincare and holistic therapies. I cannot stress the importance of having a proper skincare routine all the time, but particularly on the run up to your big day. If you’re not taking proper care of your skin, even the most expensive make up in the world would make it look healthy.

Make up artists need a good base, and that’s where I come in. I recommend going for a facial every 3 weeks starting at least 3 months before your wedding day. I can determine your skin type, discover exactly what products you need and I can even talk you through supplements you can take for your skin, hair and nails as well as touch a little on diet, and feeding the skin from within, as I have a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition. Your wedding photo’s will last a lifetime, let me help you help your skin, and ensure you’re glowing from the inside out. If you would like to book a free one on one bridal consultation with me please email me on

59. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening.jpg
As of 30th of July we will be using Tomitago cosmetics in all our facials, the brand that is 100% CHEMICAL FREE and home of the 5-in-1 Miracle Elixir

I make up one half of Re>Nu Treatment Rooms, along side Melissa Bagge, another body and beauty therapist. We both offer a wide range of beauty treatments but Melissa specialises in Lycon waxing, Gelish Manicures and Airbrush Makeup. Lycon Waxing really is a feat in itself, it’s not like your regular hot wax, it’s a special technique that reduces the pain of waxing DRASTICALLY. I got it done before and I could not get over the difference in pain levels. Melissa is doing it years, and makes you feel so comfortable, it will be over before you know it. Find us on Facebook here => Re>Nu Treatment Rooms


Waterford is literally spoiled for choice when it comes to make up artists, the talent here in our beautiful city is second to none. There are so many and actually too many to list in this post. So I thought the best thing I could do is share the 3 make up artists that I go to most regularly. I go back to these girls time and time again and they have never failed me. I’d highly recommend all three and they are listed below in no particular order.

Collette Griffin

44. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Collette Griffin…Photo credit – Collette’s Instagram @Makeupby_ColletteGriffin

Collette Griffin’s style of make up screams bridal!! She is very popular when it comes to bridal makeup. I say that because I meet and talk to many many women every day through work and a lot of them mention Collette or want to book Collette.

32. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Photo credit – Collette’s Instagram @Makeupby_ColletteGriffin

 The girl is so talented and even though she is so good, she has no notions about herself, which is a fantastic trait to possess. She’s actually hilarious too. She uses some of the finest makeup money can buy, and as she said to me before, “Only the best for my brides!” You can book Collette through her Facebook page => MakeUpBy Collette Griffin

33. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Photo credit – Collette’s Instagram @Makeupby_ColletteGriffin

Natasha Browne

47.  The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening.jpg
Natasha Browne…Photo Credit – Facebook Natasha’s Beauty Room

I have been going to Natasha for years now for make up, I couldn’t count the times I have went to her, there are that many. She is an incredibly skilled makeup artist and every time I go to her I always leave feeling a million euro. The girl never fails to impress. I know a couple of people who went to her for bridal makeup and each of them spoke so very highly of her and expressed how much they loved it.

46.  The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening.jpg
Photo Credit – Facebook Natasha’s Beauty Room

Natasha has years of experience and you’re guaranteed to leave feeling extra special on your special day. She is so easy to talk to and will listen to exactly it is that you want. You can book Natasha through her Facebook page => Natasha’s Beauty Room

48. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Photo Credit – Facebook Natasha’s Beauty Room

Abigail Roche

Abigail Roche Make Up Artist
Abigail Roche aka Glamour Puss Makeup

Abigail Roche is a makeup artist I have come across only in the past year or so and she really does some stunning looks, from dramatic cut creases to blown out smokey eyes, and everything in between she can do it.

3. Abigail Roche Make Up Artist
Photo Credit – Facebook Glamour Puss Makeup

In the past 6 months, I have went to her twice and I’m actually booked in with her again next week. She adores makes up, she lives and breathes it. You can book Abigail through her Facebook page => Glamour Puss Makeup

53.  The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening.jpg
Photo Credit – Facebook Glamour Puss Makeup

I wish I could write about all the mua’s in Waterford in this post but it would be way too long. I do however run a series on my blog called. “MUA Focus”, where I ask some of my favourite make up artist questions we all want to know as well as showcase their work. I featured some amazing make up artists from Waterford including Laura Dempsey, Jodi Roche, Niamh Cleary, and Sammy Stacey…who all do incredible work as well as beautiful bridal makeup, so make sure you take a look => MUA Focus

Just wanted to mention Jayne Carey as well because she did all the bridal makeup for my friends wedding last year. The bride was over the moon with the finished look and this is the bridesmaid makeup she did on me, which I loved. Jayne was brilliant from start to finish. You can find her on Facebook here => Jadore by Jayne


Amy Burke

57. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening

Amy Burke, is from “Hair at Home with Amy” and has a huge clientele. When booking with Amy you would want to be booking at least a month in advance for regular appointments, that’s how in demand she is. I am a regular of Amy’s for years, such a beautiful girl inside and out, nobody in the whole multiverse curls my hair like Amy does.

60. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Curls Amy did in my hair back when I had extensions

She has lots of experience and specialises in upstyles, downstyles and colour. She does so many bridal parties and always does exceptional work without fail, just have a look at her work on her Facebook. You can book Amy through her Facebook page => Hair at Home with Amy

56.  The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening.jpg
Photo Credit – Facebook Hair at Home with Amy
54. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Photo Credit – Facebook – Hair at Home with Amy

Lyndsey Kelly

45. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Lyndsey Kelly…Photo credit – Instagram MissLyndseyK

Lyndsey Kelly, has always been in huge demand for weddings. She creates some seriously stunning styles that can be anything from braids and huge up styles to soft and gentle curls and down styles. She is very creative and if you give her something you want in your hair, like flowers, ribbons, hair pieces, extensions, you name it, she can work with it. Just wait and see what she designs!

35. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Photo credit – Instagram MissLyndseyK

Have a look at her work on her Instagram page => MissLyndseyK. Lyndsey and Collette Griffin are actually going to be opening up their own place on Bailey’s New Street very soon, which is just around the corner from The Tower Hotel. I am so excited for the two girls and I wish them all the success in the world. For the moment Lyndsey is taking bookings through her personal Facebook account which you can find here =>  Lyndsey Kelly

36. The Tower Hotel's Wedding Evening
Photo credit – Instagram MissLyndseyK

So there you have it, some wedding inspiration for planning your wedding in Waterford. I hope I gave you some good ideas and found it in some way helpful. Of course, everyone mentioned above can also cater for any event, and not just weddings, so keep them in mind for milestone birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and any kind of party at all. Let them know I sent you if you decide to book any of them.

Have a wonderful wedding in Waterford!



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