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Tonight’s MUA Focus is all about the stunning Sammy Stacey Make Up. I have been doing this series since I began my blog last year, and it’s where I ask some of my favourite makeup artists the questions we all want to know as well as showcase their work. I hope you enjoy!

I worked with Sammy years ago in Debenham’s Waterford. She was the manager of the Elizabeth Arden Counter and I was the manager of the Shiseido Counter. Our counters were next to each other, so I got to know Sammy pretty well. Sammy has a degree in Graphic Design, and was always very artsy, so it’s no real surprise that she has excelled in the make up industry. Sammy is one of those girls you couldn’t help but like. She is ridiculously beautiful but she has no notions about her self in the slightest. She is down to earth, very funny and super talented when it comes to makeup.  When she left Debenham’s the place wasn’t the same without her!

24. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

Sammy was on that counter for 7 years. And in that time she learned a lot about herself. She learned that she loved doing make up on people because it made them feel so good and this gave her great satisfaction – making someone feel good in their own skin! It fascinated her! She studied Beauty Therapy in The Institute of Beauty on Catherine Street, Waterford and attained her diploma almost 3 years ago. She went on to do an Advanced Make Up course in September last year, that she completed a few weeks back. She worked in Beautorium Beauty Salon for 2 years, but now she is based in LuLu Belle Salon, in The Waterford Health Park.

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1. What is your favourite primer&why?

I have different primers for different purposes. My favourite budget ones are the Catrice ones and my favourite high end one is the Becca primer as it mattifies the skin so perfectly and I need that in my t-zone. I really really love the Elizabeth Arden Good Morning skin it’s just fab!! It’s suitable for all skin types, and it really preps the skin so well.

2. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

2. Favourite Foundation to use on dry skin/oily skin/mature skin?

I like to mix about 2/3 different brands of foundation at the same time. I’m mad I know but I want to get the best out of them all at the same time.
My favourite foundation for mattifying is the Estee Lauder Double Wear but I tend to only use that in the t-zone and apply another lightly over this as it will cause flash back in photos. I recently got a sample of the Urban Decay All Nighter so I’m trying this out and liking it so far.
 I love the Makeup Forever HD Foundation for using on clients including mature skin and I use this on myself too. It suits so many people and is flawless on the skin in photos and I tend to use the MAC studio fix a lot on clients too. It’s a lovely creamy foundation easy to blend with a matte finish and lasts well too, great for combination skin. Buff foundation is amazing for dry skin and for a more dewy look. I also love Giorgio Armani but it’s pricey so I tend to only use this on brides.
15. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist
16. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

3. Favourite Highlight & why?

I love using liquid highlighters under my foundation and then applying powder over for an ultra dewy glowy look. My favourite products for a subtle glow at the moment is Zoeva strobe gel (under foundation) or the MAC Strobe Cream, and The Balm Mary Loumanizer on top. For a more dramatic complete glow I love Inglot Face and Body Illuminator 62 or 69, and sometimes I like to mix them.

23. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

4. Favourite Eyeshadows&why?

My favourite brands of eyeshadow at the moment are The Balm and Make Up Geek. The pigment and finish you get from these are just amazing. I’m really loving the Urban Decay black eyeshadow “blackout” it’s soooo black! Fab for when I do a smoked out look!

6. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

5. Favourite Lashes&why

I love the Penney’s Cluster Lashes for using on clients. You can create the perfect look that suits each client from bridal to evening glam makeup. They’re perfect but my favourite strip lashes are the Amazing Shine ones. They are so cost efficient at about €2.50/€3 a pair and I honestly get 2 weeks out of a pair. I get these at Castle Pharmacy, Mr.Price or online at I love the SoSu ones and the Glam and Co ones especially but I rarely use them unless a client requests them as the band is thick I find them harder to work with.

7. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

6. Favourite lip combo?

I am a lover of natural brown/nude shades on the lips. I love over drawing (not too much though) with a darker shade and filling in with a slightly lighter liquid matte lipstick. My go to shades for every day are the PS lip liner in brown and the LA splash liquid lipstick in marshmallow. This is just amazing on everyone!! I also love popping the Inglot sleek gloss over the top of this combo lately. I feel glossy lips are def making a come back!

13. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

7. Do you prefer cream or powder contour or do you do both?

I do both. Sometimes I feel the powder doesn’t do it by itself. Sometimes I feel a little bit of a darker foundation or concealer in the area you would put dark contour and blending it in, is enough for the cream part and then placing a small bit of powder contour over this for more definition works for me.

21. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

8. What is your go to brush/sponge to apply foundation?

Omg I didn’t really think about half theses things until I got asked these questions and now realise I am a bit random but I’ve been using a stippling brush from Blank Canvas F40 to pat my foundation in to place and I’m loving it. Then going back in with an AYU buffing brush. I also use a Revolution brush, it came in a set, so there’s no number. Really nice finish.

4. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

9. What is you favourite fluffy brush for blending eyeshadow?

Definitely he Inglot 6ss or the Morphe M441 – it’s a great dupe for the 6ss, only the hairs are a little firmer on the Morphe one which is sometimes better for blending. These are quite fluffy though and lately I’ve been using smaller ones that look identical to these like the Blank Canvas F42 it comes looking kind of narrow but once you use it a few times it fluffs out nicer.

18. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

10. If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ohhhh I don’t know now. You can’t have one without the other!  Maybe a brow product or lip balm?! Something to make me look alive…actually no, I think tan (I love the bronze express tan) and lashes….this is too hard I really couldn’t cope without all of them!!!

28. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

11. What do find the most challenging about being an MUA, and managing your social media accounts?

I find it hard to put myself out there, as there’s so many fantastic makeup artists that I admire around Ireland, and especially in Waterford!!! I’m working on my confidence though. I’m working on my social media too but I have my job, 2 little girls and also college so I suppose juggling everything can be tricky. Some nights I’d be sitting next to my boyfriend with my phone in my hand totally zoned out and focusing on what to post up on Instagram or Facebook and he’s looking at me waiting for me to finish what I’m doing so we can chill out. It’s hard to find a balance between everything.

29. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

12. Do you have a favourite saying?

“Keep on dancing” I have it tattooed going down the back of my neck in Hebrew. It was something that my grandad used to say, and it’s something that helped me keep going when I felt like giving up. I have it there to remind me to keep dancing through it all!

19. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

13. What one piece of advice would you give to a make up artist trying to get their name out there?

I’m still trying to get my name out there myself. If I had advice for someone starting out though it would be to keep doing what you love, and if you look too much at what other people are doing, and trying to do their style, then you’ll have no style yourself, and won’t get the recognition you want and deserve. Have confidence!!!

30. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

14. What are your top 3 skincare products?

1-Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. It’s amazing on stubborn mascara, lash glue and lip products.

2-Green Angel Aloe and Seaweed Eye Gel. I like to keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect on the eyes.

3- Tomitago Combi. A face exfoliator and mask all in one!!! My skin feels unreal and so soft every time I use this product.

9. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

15. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Do it. Don’t mind anyone else. Do what you want and do it now.

16. Are there any makeup artists either Irish or internationally who inspire you?

I love Plouise. Not necessarily for her style as her style doesn’t suit everyone. I like some of her techniques but mostly I admire her for what she has achieved at such a young age. She is an icon in the makeup industry, and I know people slate her sometimes but she has created her own style, her own academy and that’s just amazing. I also admire Diane Everett for her success and her knowledge of social media and obviously her makeup skills. She has created her own style too and I think she has been one of the main MUAs responsibile for the rise in aspiring MUAs in Waterford. I love Collette Griffin for her makeup but also for her brutal honesty in her snaps. She cracks me up all the time!
Anyone who can juggle being a mother, running a home and having an amazing career, in my mind is just amazing no matter what they do!
14. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

17. Are there any women in business who inspire you?

I think I answered that in the previous question all those ladies inspire me but someone more behind the scenes and a lady whom I’ve gotten to know very well in the last year especially is Louise from Tomitago skincare. She is an inspiration to any woman as she started from scratch, set up her own skincare brand from her own kitchen, and now brought it to an internationally recognised brand. She is so humble too and will probably kill me for mentioning her here but she deserves a mention. She’s an amazing business woman, as well as being an unbelievably generous and kind woman. She wants to help people first, make money last. If I get to be half as driven and still remain so grounded and genuine as she is, I’d be happy!

12. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist


18. What is the one makeup tool you just couldn’t live without?

All of my brushes…they will be my kids inheritance!!! (not even joking)

19. What is your favourite makeup look?

Ohhhh I have way too many to name. At the moment I’m loving a smoked out look with no winged liner and the liner is blended in with black eyeshadow ….  it’s the Stacey Marie Mua look. I like taking a bit of one persons look and another and creating my own interpretation depending on the client and what suits them.

5. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

20. What is you biggest achievement to date in your career?

Oh god that’s tough! I think the back ground I have in the retail side of beauty stands to me and is a great achievement. I also did the makeup for Head Masters entry into the L’Oréal hair colour trophy and they came 3rd last year and entered again this year and so far in to the semi finals. Also being told by customers that some of the most talented and successful makeup artists around recommend me to them. That’s a proud moment when that happens. But an on going one would be when people tell me how people reacted to their makeup and how they felt when they went to their event and I feel so proud and happy that what I’m doing for them made them feel so good. When they look in the mirror and gasp with the delight at what they see and nearly have to hold back tears. That to me is why I do what I do.

11. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

21. Do you have any makeup regrets?

Not getting in to the industry sooner and eye brows…seriously!! Any photos that anyone has of me from about 12-16 years old with my tiny eyebrows and my Panstick makeup can you please dispose of these!!!

22. What do you think is the most over rated and under rated make up products on the market?

The most under rated is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. It’s fantastic for all skin types and it looks amazing in photos. Over rated is probably some cream contour palettes (most of them , not all) the ones that are all mucky and thick I don’t like them…just no!

25. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

23. What are your makeup must haves in your bag on a night out?

I tend to not bring makeup with me on a night out. I never need to touch it up (honestly now I’m not just saying that) but if I did I’d bring just a lip liner maybe. Something to fix myself after I had a few too many shots or just talking too much!

24. Is there any product that’s relatively inexpensive that you swear by?

Catrice Concealer for carving out the eyebrows and the Dealz black liner!! It’s only €1.50 and it’s unreal!!! Dries so quick and is jet black. But the best by far of late has to be the Catrice Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer!!! Wow!!! I got that to just highlight on the high points of my face but every time I wear it people ask me what I have and that it looks amazing. It’s a fab every day concealer. Seriously buy it you won’t be disappointed!! I think I better stock up on this before telling everyone though!

22. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist

25. And last but not least, could you share with us your favourite makeup tip or trick?

I always think everyone already knows all the tricks and then I’m doing something in front of a client or friend and they say, “Ohhh what’s that you’re doing?”, and I’m shocked they don’t know. I’m oblivious!!!
There’s two  I can think of at the moment about lashes. For strip lashes: I apply lash glue to the lash line and let them set for a while, and then apply them to the eyes while the glue is tacky.
For Individuals/clusters : a few months ago I was doing a demo for some teenage girls and I came away with a little tip myself from chatting with the girls there….and now sometimes I apply the Penney’s cluster lashes UNDER my own lash line to get a more natural look. It sounds weird but it really really works. You wouldn’t do this on someone else but try it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.
20. Sammy Stacey Make Up Artist
Loved this edition of MUA Focus, as ever Sammy always makes me laugh and it was no different with this interview. I picked up some great tips and new products to try. I’m definitely getting that Catrice Liquid Concealer and the Inglot Illuminators!!! I loved the story of Sammy’s favourite saying, it gave us a little insight into the girl behind the make up brush. Huge thank you to Sammy for taking part. If you would like to book in with Sammy you can call LuLu Belle Salon on 051-595806.
Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.
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