Collette Griffin’s Makeup Masterclass at Waterford Health Park Pharmacy!

The Make Up Artist

I adore masterclasses and I absolutely adore Collette Griffin’s work. She is a Waterford based makeup artist and highly requested from brides all over! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might have read my MUA Focus Edition on Collette a while back, where I asked her questions we all want to know, like her go to products and showcased some of her work. You can have a little nosey and read all about it here => MUA Focus – Collette Griffin.

1 Collete Griffin Makeup Artist Waterford

Collette is a magician when it comes  to makeup and I could watch her work all day long.  I am currently going to Collette for one on one makeup lessons and I would HIGHLY recommend them. She is a must follow on social media, from her gorgeous Snapchat (collettegriff) tutorials to the regular posts on Facebook (MakeUpBy Collette Griffin) and Instagram (MakeUpBy Collette Griffin) of the work she does on clients.

The Venue

The masterclass, last night, was on in The Waterford Health Park Pharmacy and the lovely Sandra invited me along. I was thrilled and it was my absolute pleasure to attend. Sandra works so hard and is so friendly, it’s no wonder the pharmacy is doing so well. For future masterclasses, special offers and to keep up to date with all the fabulous brands they stock including Cailyn, The Balm, Rebeluna, Glam and Co, Flormar and Sleek, to name just a few you HAVE TO FOLLOW their social media, Facebook (Waterford Health Park Pharmacy), Instagram (WaterfordHealthParkPharmacy), Snapchat (whppslievekeale).

2 Collette Griffin and Sandra Walsh

The Look and Brands used to Create it

For last night’s look Collette did a glitter cut crease and the main brands she used were Cailyn (Facebook Page – Cailyn Ireland), The Balm (Facebook Page – theBalm), Rebeluna Lashes (Facebook Page –Rebeluna Cosmetics),


4 Brows and Eye Primer

Collette always starts her makeup routine by doing the brows. Always brush through your brows first with a spoolie. She used Cailyn’s Brow Gelux in shade “Oak”. It’s waterproof, sweatproof and will not budge. It’s consistency is a bit stiff but to make it more fluid and easier to work with she just adds a drop of Inglot Duraline. Her favourite brushes to use for filling in the brows => Mac 263 or the Inglot 31T.

Next Collette uses one of her must have brushes Mac 252 to carve out the brows, fix any mistakes and also use to prime the lid, using Cailyn’s Bright On Eye Balm. This gives the perfect blank canvas removing the appearance of any veins and blue tones that you often see on the eyelids. She set the primer with a setting powder from The Balm’s Highlight n ConTour Palette. This is an important step as it ensures a more even blend for your eyeshadows.

Mac 252 Brush
Mac 252 Brush available from Brown Thomas €32.50

For the eyeshadows Collette uses The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette, one of my absolute favourite palettes to work with. She highlights brow bone and inner corner first using the matte white shadow. Next for her transition colour(crease), she uses one of her favourite fluffy blending brushes and it’s Zoeva 228 with the shade “Matte Evans” before going in and deepening the crease with Zoeva 221 brush with shade “Matte Lopez”.

5 Collette Griffin MUA in aaction

Collette likes to build up the colour slowly, adding a little at a time and blending out with the previous colour used. For the darker shade and to deepen the outer v, she used Zoeva 227 brush and shade “Matte Reed”. The darker the colour, the smaller the brush! She always making sure she blends out with previous colours and brushes she used. She uses a different brush for each colour and this prevents the colours looking muddy!

The Balm Meet Matte Trimony Palette
Available in Waterford Health park Pharmacy €44

For cutting the crease Collette uses her beloved Mac 252 brush again with Cailyn’s Bright On Eye Balm. She pushes and places the brush along the shape of the eye rather than trying to draw a curved line. I found this tip soooo helpful!!! Another option you could use to cut the crease is Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer.To set this she used shade “Snobby” – a soft golden colour from The Balm’s NudeTude Palette and tapped it on rather than swiping…another great tip! To take away harsh lines of the cut crease she used a brush from Nima called “The Jenny” with previous shades used, to blend edges and give that gradient effect.

Cailyn Bright On Eye Balm
Cailyn’s Bright On Eye Balm Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €18

6 Cut crease

The Balm NudeTude Palette
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €36

Next up, Collette applied Cailyn’s Carnival Glitter in shade “Blondie” and my God it was DEEEEVINE!!! Like, I swear, I could watch it sparkle all day!!! As a base for this she applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which helps the glitter adhere to the lid perfectly. Collette has been using this product for years and she would use nothing else for her glitter base!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too faced Shadow Insurance, available in Debenhams €19.60

For eyeliner Collette used Schwing Liner from The Balm and because it’s a liquid liner it will go over the rough surface the glitter creates a lot smoother than a gel would. This liner dries to a matte finish with no sheen.

The Balm Schwing Liner
The Balm Schwing Liner,available in Waterford Health Park €17

For lashes, Rebeluna Lashes in style “Kate” were used and they are beautifully thick that fades out wispy. Always measure your lashes and cut from the outside to fit. Cut cotton buds in half and you have 2 applicators for applying the glue to the lash band. Always wait at least 30 seconds to let the glue get tacky before applying them on the eye.

Rebeluna Lashes style Kate
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €15 and

For the bottom lash line, the colours(excluding the glitter) she used on top, she will use on bottom and in the same order. She uses Nima brush “The Jenny” to build up the colour on lower lash line. For the waterline eyeliner Collette used The Balm’s Mr Right Now and smoked it out using Mac 212 brush, a multiuse brush that’s also brilliant for filling in brows, winged liner and carving around lips to fix any mishaps.

The Balm Mr Write Now
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €16.50

9 Smokey eye look


The Balm Time Balm
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €25.85
Cailyn HD Foundation
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy  €34

Primer was from The Balm, called Time Balm. A really versatile primer to have in your kit as it is suitable for all skin types. This will fill in any fine lines, smooth the texture of the skin and give a beautiful base for the foundation to be applied onto. Collette mixed shades 3 and 4 of the Cailyn HD Foundation and honestly, the coverage from this was unreal! Don’t bring your foundation up under neath the eye, leave this area free for concealer.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer
Available from Debenhams €23

For concealer Urban Decay Naked Concealer was used under the eyes, centre of forehead and middle of chin. The brushes she used to blend out were from Morphe, the E8, which was the larger of the two, and the E27, which was smaller and best used for smaller areas like along the nose and near the inner corner. Make sure you don’t conceal over all the work you did on smoking out the lower lash line. Cailyn’s Banana Powder was used to set the areas she just highlighted with the concealer. If you are more on the paler side, avoid using this and opt for a translucent powder.

11 Concealer placement
Concealer Placement
12 During Masterclass

For bronzing and contour Collette used The Balm’s Highlight N Con Tour Palette. Mac 163 angled brush was used for bronzer, in the shape of a 3; forehead/temples, cheekbone, jawline. The Inglot 4SS brush was used for contouring. Bronzers have more warm tones and contour colours have more ashy tones. They add defintion to the face.

The Balm Highlight n Contour Palette
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €36

For highlight Collette used The Balm’s Trio Highlighting Palette, with the 3 sisters; Mary-Lou, Betty-Lou, Cindy-Lou, using the Sigma F35 brush. She applied highlight to above the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, tip of the nose and inner corner of the eye. A great tip Collette gave was that if you’re wanting to make your foundation more dewy scrape out some powder highlight and mmix in with your foundation! Love it!!!

The Balm Manizer Sisters
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €25.85

For blush The Balm’s Hot Mama was used and it’s a gorgeous shade that wold pretty much suit every skin tone. A great one to have in your kit!

The Balm Hot Mama
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €20


For the lip liner Collette used one of her absolute favourites and it’s “Maple” Gel Lip Liner from Cailyn. It has a gorgeous creamy consistency and she uses it on almost every client, except for when red lipstick is used. She applied it all over the lips before applying Cailyn Lipstick in shade “18” – love love love this lip combo!!!

Cailyn Gel Lip Liner Maple
Available in waterford Health Park Pharmacy €19.95



Cailyn Lipstick shade 18
Available in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy €19.50

Finishing Touches

Collette just goes back over the brows to ensure no eyeshadow or glitter made their way into them. The very last thing she does is spritz all over the face with Mac Fix + to set everything, hydrate the skin and help the makeup stay in place. If you can’t afford Mac Fix + Collette tells us how Rose Water is a good dupe for it!

13 Finishing Touches



The finished look was just perfection on the stunning Eve!!! I had such a laugh and learned so much at this masterclass. Collette’s personality shone through amazingly and watching her create art in front of you is something everyone should see at least once, especially if you are a makeup lover! The next time Collette does a masterclass I’d encourage you all to go, such a great experience. I’ve a shopping list the length off my arm!!!


Collette takes bookings for makeup for all occasions, one on one lessons and bridal parties through her Facebook so make sure you get in touch and book well in advance. I linked her Facebook page above but here it is again => MakeUpBy Collette Griffin


 Thanks Collette for sharing your knowledge and thank you Sandra and all the staff in Waterford Health Park Pharmacy so friendly and helpful as ever!

To my readers i hope you enjoyed and learned something new from my post.



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