TianDe’s Botox in a Box!

I am turning 30 this year and like most other women I am starting to notice lines and wrinkles, especially on my forehead. They are the bane of my life, but look, it’s all a part of aging…we can’t get rid of them completely without getting a cosmetic procedure but there are products on the market that can definitely help. Now no product will get rid of them completely, but I’ll take all the help I can get! My skin type is more on the dry and dehydrated side, so I’m more prone to lines and wrinkles than someone who has oily skin because I produce less oil and therefore my skin isn’t as lubricated and supple. The joys!!! Most people in Ireland tend to be more on the dry and dehydrated side, so you’re not alone!

A lovely woman called Veronika got in touch with me and wanted me to trial and give my opinion on a brand she works with. As you know, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I love skincare and always on the look out for new and different brands. The name of the brand is called TianDe and it’s relatively new here in Ireland, but mark my words it is going to be huge!!!

TianDe Source of Natural Beauty

What is TianDe???

TianDe Skincare is a Russian cosmeceutical skincare brand based on Chinese Medicine, it is very popular in Europe but not so much here in Ireland, but it is slowly but surely becoming more known and I’m not surprised.

What does cosmeceutical mean?

Cosmeceutical skincare means that the products contain bioactive ingredients that have medical benefits, which make them more effective than a lot of the brands sold in a chemist. TianDe Skincare has 15-20% active ingredients which makes it excellent for combating issues like lines, wrinkles and other skin concerns. A brand that you may be more familiar with that has cosmeceutical properties is Image Skincare.

Two products from TianDe skincare that I want to tell you about tonight => 1. Mezo Roller 2. Nano Corrector Botox Transdermal Complex. You don’t have to use these two together but in my opinion you get better results when you do.

1. Mezo Roller €55.30

TianDe's Mezo Roller

Being the skincare addict that I am I have wanted a Mezo Roller for a very long time!!! In my opinion it’s a game changer when it comes to skincare and if you really want to up your skincare game you simply need this in your life! The roller has tiny, tiny needles(0.5mm) that cause micro trauma to the skin increasing it’s production of collagen and elastin, which makes it super effective in fighting lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. It can be used on the body as well as the face. IT DOES NOT HURT and you do not need to be trained to use it. A slight bit of redness will occur but this is completely normal and is actually a good sign because it means micro circulation is increased bringing oxygenated blood to the cells and removing toxins out of the cells!

How do you use?

Work different areas of the face rolling horizontally, vertically and diagonally. I do this at home 3 times a week. I have being do so since January and I am beginning to see a difference in the overall appearance of my lines. As well as boosting collagen and elastin production another great benefit of the Mezo Roller is that it ensures you get the most from the products you apply onto to the skin after rolling. So after thoroughly cleansing your face, use the Mezo Roller and then products like masks, serums and moisturisers will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, making them more effective in treating your skin concerns. You won’t have to use as much product either, saving you money in the long run! I often demonstrate using it on my Snapchat so make sure you’re following me there (sarahdwan1)

Who is it for?

I think everyone can benefit from this amazing skin care tool ie brides to be, people in the mid twenties on. Specifically it’s for people who’d like to combat –

  • lines and wrinkles
  • scars, for example, acne scars
  • stretch marks, for example on the tummy area
  • dull, tired looking skin

However, Mezo Rolling is not for you if you have –

  • Sensitive Skin
  • High colouring, ie prone to redness
  • Broken capillaries, ie across nose and cheeks
  • Acne Rosacea or active Acne Vulgaris

Tiande's Mezzo Roller


Every time you use the Mezzo Roller its important to soak it in a 75% alcohol solution afterwards for about 10 seconds and leave to air dry before putting it back in it’s container. This sterilises it.

Mezo Rolling IS NOT Micro Needling

You may have heard of the very expensive facial treatment called Micro Needling. This is a treatment done by a skincare specialist in a salon or clinic. A numbing cream is used, you are very red afterwards and some down time is needed. Mezo Rolling at home, although similiar it is not the exact same in the sense that you would see greater results from a clinic. However, the Mezzo Roller is a fantastic alternative for an at home treatment or for those who simply can’t afford Micro Needling but still want the benefits.

2. Nano Corrector Botox Effect Transdermal Complex €57.30

TianDe's Nano Corrector

This Nano Corrector is incredible…Botox in a Box!!! It’s an alternative to botox without any side effects or damage to the skin. I could not get over the difference in my lines and wrinkles on my forehead! Are they still there??? Yes, but their depth  has noticeable decreased and the overall smoothness of my forehead has dramatically improved! It is so soft to touch and my skin tone, colour and texture has gotten much better…see my before and after below. My makeup is going on like a dream and people are commenting on how healthy my skin looks. I use the nano Corrector after I use the Mezzo Roller for best results.

How do you use?

After thoroughly cleansing and using your Mezzo Roller use the Nano Corrector. In the box there are two products…Microcapsules(powder) that contains Botulin Toxin and a serum, which is a Meso cocktail containing hyaluronic acid. Apply a layer of the serum first, then take a small amount of the powder tapping it into the skin and then apply another layer of serum on top. It can be applied anywhere you have wrinkles. You can use once or twice a day and should see a difference after 7 days.

Before and after TianDe's Nano Corrector
Top – Before, skin red and blotchy, visible lines and unevenness Bottom – After, skin is clearer, soooo much smoother, wrinkle depth has decreased

The science behind the results

The formula is based on active ingredients and natural extracts. Vegneotox R is a neurotoxic Botox, which relaxes facial muscles, smoothes wrinkles and stimulates collagen and elastin production. Peptide Complex restores skin firmness and density. The active ingredients penetrate deeply into skin tissue and “lift” wrinkles from the inside, making the skin smooth and elastic. They hydrate, tone up, nourish and regenerate the skin.

Who is it for?

I think it’s from anyone in their mid twenties up who is concerned with aging issues like, lines and wrinkles. I think it would be great for brides to be or for anyone who has a big event coming up that they want to look their best for.

After using these two products for the last 3 months intermittently I can happily recommend them. Everyone’s skin is different but for me they have worked wonders. The Mezzo Roller will be staying in my skincare routine forever and it’s definitely the best skincare tool I own. As for the Nano Corrector, if my boyfriend ever pops the question I’ll be sure to use this in the run up to my big day but in the mean time I’m going to continue using it for 7 days, every two months.

You can buy both products directly from this website here =>  TianDe and make sure you give Veronika’s Facebook page a follow and you can message her any queries, you’ll find her here => TianDe

Did you ever hear of TianDe Skincare before? Have you ever used anything from them? I’d love to hear how you got on. Get in touch through any of the ways below.

Love the Skin You’re In.



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