Niamh Cleary’s Makeup Masterclass at Waterford Health Park Pharmacy

The lovely Sandra, from Waterford Health Park invited me into Niamh Cleary’s, aka NCMakeup, Makeup Masterclass last week and I was thrilled. It was a no brainer, there was no way I’d miss it. I am a huge fan of Niamh’s work and the fact she is as lovely in person, as she is on Snapchat(ncmakeup) makes me like her even more. If you aren’t following her already, you NEED to be. On my blog I have a series called “MUA Focus” and I featured Niamh a few months back, where I found out her go to products, makeup tips and advice for someone starting out in the makeup business…you will find that here => MUA Focus – Niamh Cleary


She has burst onto the makeup scene here in Waterford in the last year, made a name for herself working freelance, established a huge social media following because of her skills and bubbly personality and not surprisingly Inglot Makeup hired her and she is now a PRO INGLOT MUA and this Friday 10th of February at 7pm she is holding a “Meet the Pro Masterclass” in the Inglot Waterford Store. I have seen her in action before where she did a little demo at on of our Deise Bloggers events and if you’d like to see all the goings on of that, you will find that here => Mad Hatter Tea Party for Pieta House Event

The stunning Lucy Bradley, aka LBMakeup, was her model and the two of them had great energy together. Niamh began the masterclass in her usual chatty self, and with such ease she talked us through exactly what she was doing and answered any questions throughout. She explained everything so so well. She was made for teaching makeup and would make an excellent trainer!


Niamh was demonstrating for us a blown out smokey eye look, so she began on the skin. If she was doing a sharp winged look, she would have started on the eyes, cleaned up under the eyes, then did the face and then go back to smoke out under eye area. To prime the skin she used Time Balm from The Balm. This primer is enriched with Vitamins A, C and E and can be used alone or under foundation. It helps your makeup stay in place for longer and gives a perfect canvas for foundation. It also minimises the look of open pores, fine lines and evens out skin tone.


For foundation, she used the new Anti-Blemish Foundation from Flormar’s Historical Collection and MY GOD the coverage was unbelieveable!!! It was so full coverage and you could easily build it up if you wished. It’s packed with soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help heal and prevent blemishes. So, as well as functioning as a foundation it is also amazing for your skin. It’s oil free, which makes it perfect for people with oily skin or acne prone skin.


To apply the foundation she used Inglot’s 4SS brush(available from or Inglot stores). Even though this is a small brush and you probably wouldn’t even consider it for foundation it buffs it into the skin effortlessly. The finish was flawless and it’s definitely a brush I’m going to start using for my foundation.


Niamh explained that it’s best to leave the area under your eye free from foundation because the skin here is different to the rest of your face and a concealer works best. She used Flormar’s Radiant Touch Brush Concealer from The Historical Collection(pictured below). It has a soft, creamy texture that’s perfect for hiding dark circles, blurring any imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. She used this as her eye shadow base and applied it to the lids. She also applied under the eyes, centre of the forehead, cupid’s bow and centre of the chin and Lucy’s skin appeared to be glowing from within. To set under the eyes she used Flormar’s Loose Powder. A great tip Niamh gave was to use loose powder under the eyes instead of a pressed powder, as a pressed powder can be more drying.


For bronzing and to add dimension Niamh used The Balm’s Balm Desert. This warmed up the face and it blended like a dream. All powder products from The Balm are triple milled, which means the pigmentation is fantastic and not a lot is needed.


To give more shade and add more depth she used the new contouring palette from The Balm called “Highlite N’ ConTour”. The best way to apply this is to apply most of the product near the ear and blend out. Do not bring out too much, as this will just make the face appear smaller and look unnatural. Blending is key.


For highlight, Niamh used one of my absolute favourites, Mary-Lou Manizer, from The Balm. A stunning highlight and it really is a must have for anyone’s kit. A little goes a long way and if you really want to be seen from space layering it works perfectly. I cannot stress how much I ADORE this highlight!!!


Brows are such a personal thing and can really make or break a makeup look. They are so personal, so if you are working on clients make sure and ask them exactly how they like them. Niamh explained it’s best to follow their natural shape as best you can. She used Cailyn’s Brow Gelux with a drop of Cailyn Fix It. This makes the texture easier to work with and ensures a fluid line. This much sought after brow product will not budge, it’s sweatproof and waterproof and I can see why all the big makeup artists rave about it! To clean up the brows and give a sharper, more defined look Niamh used a flat concealer brush around the edges with a little of the Cailyn Fix It, a similiar product to Inglot’s Duraline.


Moving onto the eyes, Niamh used The MeetMatt(e) Trimony Palette. It’s an all matte eye shadow palette, with a beautiful range of colours, that I’m currently obsessed with. Out of all the palettes I have it’s the one I reach for time and time again. The colour payoff is fantastic and they blend like a dream! Niamh explains the importance of using a transition shade, like an orange or peach colour. This will help all the other colours used blend much better. Every other colour you add, you go back in with your transition shade to give that gorgeous blown out effect we all love. Niamh also explains that the darker you go with the eyeshadow the smaller the brush should be. For a blown out smokey eye look it’s important to use the exact same colours on the bottom as you did on top and BLEND BLEND BLEND!!!


For liner Niamh used Flormar’s Gel Liner with a drop of Cailyn Fix It for a really nice sharp line. For eyeliner Niamh suggests you do a thin line first, then thicken it up later if you like. When trying to get that lovely dark outer corner on the eye Niamh explained how it’s better to pack on the shadow rather than swiping it and this will prevent fallout.


For lashes, Niamh used Rebeluna lashes in style “Izzy”. Niamh adores these lashes, they have incredible quality, and are reusable up to 30 times. A great tip she gave for lash application – After you apply the glue to the band, press teh lashes down on your lash line and take away straight away, wait a few seconds and then apply the lashes. Doing this ensures they stick better and aren’t sliding everywhere. Love it!!!


To finish off the look Niamh used Cailyn “Whiskey Sour” Gel Lip liner, followed by Cailyn Lip Tint in Shade 31 and Cailyn Gloss Shade 10 for that perfect nude combo, which everyone is just loving lately. I really don’t think you can beat a nude lip! Love love love the finished look!!! Lucy looked stunning…AS ALWAYS!!!




Afterwards, Niamh answered all of our questions and there were loads of selfies taken. It was such a fun girly night, with so many makeup tips and tricks and I loved every minute of it. Niamh is beyond skilled and I would happily watch her do makeup for the day. If you would like to get your makeup done off Niamh she works in the Inglot Store in City Square, Waterford and you can ring and request her.

She is definitely one to follow on social media from her  Snapchat tutorial to her creative and inspirational makeup looks. She also has also started a Youtube channel for tutorials and they are so easy to follow. You will find her on Facebook – NCMakeup Instagram – NCMakeup_ Snapchat – ncmakeup YouTube – Niamh Cleary

Sandra and her lovely staff

We were SPOILED with the goodie bags!!!

Huge thank you to Sandra for inviting me in, such a genuine, lovely woman and her staff are so friendly and helpful.Thanks for all your advice girls. Waterford Health Park Pharmacy stock some incredible brands including Cailyn, The Balm, Flormar, Sleek, Rebeluna Lashes, Glam and Co Lashes, SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, Moogoo and Vichy to name just a few. All products Niamh used in the class are available to buy in the pharmacy. If there’s ever another masterclass in here again I’d highly recommend you go, you’ll love it. Keep in the loop with upcomiong events and special offers by following waterford Health Park Pharmacy on social media. Facebook – Waterford Health Park Pharmacy  Instagram – WaterfordHealthParkPharmacy Snapchat – whppslievekeale

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe picked up some new makeup tips or ideas. Have you ever seen Niamh in action??? She’s not to be missed. Definitely up there as one of my favourite makeup artists in Waterford. It was an absolute pleasure seeing her work.



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