Brand Focus: Tomitago Cosmetics – Home of the 5-in-1 Miracle Elixir

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m a little bit skincare obsessed and I love trying different products and seeing how they work for me and sharing my experience with you. If you’ve read my 2 part blog post “The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry” which you can find here => The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry: Part One and here => The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry: Part 2 you’ll also know that I’m a huge fan of natural skincare.


So with all that in mind, you can imagine my absolute delight when I tried Tomitago Cosmetics for the first time. I’be been using it now for the past couple of months and I feel this is an adequate amount of time to write about my experience with this beautifully created brand. I say beautiful because of the scent, my God, if only a smelling app existed! Every single one of their products smells incredible, gives you the sense you’re away at a spa, but in the comfort of your home. Rich in essential oils and packed full of antioxidants, it’s basically like “feeding” your skin full of nutritious goodness. And the packaging?! Right up my street, perfectly simple, all in silver bottles and jars. So you know all the money goes on what’s on the INSIDE. And after all everybody knows, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most.


First off, Tomitago is IRISH. It’s  made in Pilltown, Co. Kilkenny!!! I just love Irish brands, I love seeing Irish people start from scratch and produce something amazing, like Louise, creator of Tomitago has done. The biggest plus for me with this brand is that it’s 100% CHEMICAL FREE!!! We put so many chemicals INTO our body and ONTO our body on a daily basis, from our makeup and deodorant to our body moisturisers and even our toothpaste, so it’s very beneficial to our health if we can reduce the amount of chemicals we use, and choosing natural skincare is one way of doing this.

So for the last couple of months or so, the main skincare products I’ve been using were Tomitago Cosmetics; their cleanser, facial oil, exfoliator, mask and elixir. And I have to say I’m after falling in love with them. My skin is more on the dry, dehydrated side but they are suitable for ALL skin types. It’s very important to carry out your routine in order –

  1. 1st Cleanse
  2. 2nd Cleanse
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Mask
  5. Eye cream/serum
  6. Face serum
  7. Moisturiser

I don’t generally tone the skin, because toners tend to have a high alcohol content, which I find dries out the skin, but for those of you that do tone, you would do it after your 2nd cleanse. It’s important to look after your skin, it’s the only one you get!

“1” Cleansing Oil 200ml €25


Cleansing thoroughly is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine, because if you leave any makeup, dirt or grime behind, everything else you use after cleansing won’t function at its optimum level. I encourage my clients to always double cleanse. 1st cleanse for removing makeup, 2nd cleanse for working your skin. This is an oil cleanser that’s gentle enough to use on the eye area and it removes all traces of makeup including eyeliner and eyelash glue. I massage it into the skin for 2-3 minutes and remove with a warm cloth and repeat. Please don’t use a very hot cloth, as this can cause broken capillaries. Our face is the only one we get, so do take care and be gentle! And yes this oil cleanser IS SUITABLE FOR OILY skin. Oil attracts oil and so will lift oil AWAY from your skin. It contains Almond Tree Oil, Vanilla Extract, Lavender, Green Tea Extract and English Plaintain Extract, which leave your skin feeling cleansed, hydrated and super soft.

“C1” Combi 30 ml €25


I adore this clever Combi  because it’s both an exfoliator and mask in one. In your facial routine the next step after you cleanse is exfoliate. Exfoliating regularly increases desquamation(sloughing away of dead skin cells), giving you a brighter, clearer more radiant and youthful complexion. It allows the penetration of further products to work deeper into the layers of the skin. It will also ensure you get the most from your serums and moisturisers, ensuring you don’t have to use as much, and so saves you money too. The scent from this exfoliator is simply devine, with notes of ylang-ylang and lavender. It also contains dead Sea salts, tumeric and beeswax, which helps retexturise the surface of your skin, smoothing and refining fine lined and wrinkles. I massage into the skin in small circular motions for about 3-4 minutes and then leave on as a mask for 25 minutes. Again, I use a warm cloth to remove. Your skin may be a little red afterwards, which is perfectly normal. This redness is called erythema and it occurs when circulation is increased, and when circulation is increased, this means that oxygen and nutrients are being delivered into your skin and toxins are being taken out, all at a cellular level. With regular use of this product I noticed a big difference in the overall tone and texture of my skin and I would encourage all of you to buy this and see the results for yourself! I guarantee you will want to repurchase it. Definitely my favourite product from the range.

“E1” Beauty Elixir 20mls €18


The amazing thing I found with this elixir is that it’s multiuse, so it’s going to save you money because it eliminates the need for you to go off and buy a separate primer, eye serum, face serum, day and night moisturiser because it’s ALL those things on one. So really, you could call it The 5 in 1 Miracle Elixir!!! It comes with a little wooden spatula, to prevent cross contamination. It has no chemicals’s in it to fight bacteria build up do please use the spatula each time. It melts beautifully into the skin and the scent is so uplifting on the mind. I couldn’t get over the feel of my skin with regular use, it’s plumper, lines and wrinkles reduced and my makeup goes on like a dream. The elixir transforms into an oil and I just love the feeling of it on my skin. It’s important to note here that you only need to use a very small amount, it’s so concentrated a little really does go a long way. I did find I had to wait that little bit longer than usual, to apply my makeup, but this was only at the beginning when I was using too much. I was a bit dubious about it being an effective primer, but it was and my makeup lasted really well and gave that perfect smooth canvas for my foundation. This will last you ages and will suit all skin types. It’s particularly good for anyone who suffers with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. This is another absolute buy for me.

“O1” Facial and Body Oil 200 ml €36


I don’t know what it is with me but I just love oil, on my body, my face, my hair, everywhere!!! On occasions when I felt my skin was particularly dry or dehydrated or battered from external factors, like air conditioning, wind, sun etc, I add a step into my skincare routine and that step is facial massage. I perform it after double cleanse and before exfoliation. When you go for a facial with a professional, this is always included, so why not do it yourself at home too? I am a trained beauty specialist and body therapist, so massage comes naturally to me but if you’d like to give it a whirl, use small, slow circular motions applying pressure upwards, NEVER downwards, as this will have an aging effect on the skin. This will increase circulation, improve elasticity of the skin as well as improving overall muscle tone. I also used this oil as a hair mask, applied to dry hair, leave for an hour and wash out. It left my hair sleek, frizz free and it looked so much healthier. You can also use it on the body but I wanted to keep it all for use on my face because it’s just so luxurious and helped me relax so much from jus breathing it in. You could apply a little daily to your pressure points, such as your wrists, behind your ears and the back of your knees. Now you have a perfume!!! But as well as smelling like a goddess for the day, you will also feel de-stressed and a lot calmer, due to the soothing effects it has on your nervous system. Ah-mazing!!!


Overall, I would absolutely and comfortably recommend Tomitago to people of all ages and of any skin type, man, woman or child. And I’m delighted to now have it as part of my regular skincare routine. Ideally I’d suggest you try EVERYTHING from the range but if you made me pick 2 I’d choose the “E1” Elixir and the “C1” Combi. They are available to buy online here – There are different sizes available part from the ones I mentioned above. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat too. Go show Louise some love, she really has created something fantastic with this brand. I hope you enjoyed this post, and as ever, if you have any questions for me don’t hesitate to get in touch through any of my social media below.

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