12 of the Best Beauty Buys Under €15

Girls, you don’t always have to break the bank, when it comes to buying makeup. More expensive brands can be great, but some products from their ranges can be poor too, and the same goes for less expensive brands, some can be shocking, but some can be amazing too! I want to share with you some of the ones I think are amazing. It’s all about finding what works for YOU, and if you find a lippy that you love for less than a fiver, kudos to you, screw what anybody else thinks.


Catrice Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner €4.50

This is my favourite budget primer and I have been using it for ages.It has a mousse like consistency that is silicone based, which leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth. It fills in large pores as well as fine lines. I use it on all skin types and I just love the results it gives.


Make Up Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream €9.53

This gives the perfect canvas for foundation application. If you want your skin to look radiant, look no further. It can be used under foundation for that all over glow, or on top of your foundation on specific areas, like cheekbones, as a base for powder highlighters. By using a cream base highlight before your powder highlight, it will give it a stronger intensity.


Wet “n” Wild Cover All Concealing Palette €4.50

This is a 4-in-1 concealing palette and it’s such a handy little beauty product. I have  high colouring in my skin and often suffer with redness, so from time to time I do need more than just a foundation.The green concealer is excellent for combating such redness and it’s best applied AFTER your primer/BB Cream but BEFORE your foundation. I love using the violet concealer, BEFORE foundation, under my eyes to counteract any dark circles and also all over my eyelids to hide small veins or any pigmentation. Important to always set the eyelids with a matte white/cream shadow to prevent creasing. I use the white highlighting shade AFTER my foundation, along cheekbones, down centre of nose, cupids bow as a base for my powder highlight, to really make it pop. I use the skin tone concealer AFTER foundation on areas that may need that little bit more coverage, like on spots or pimples. It’s such a versatile product and I think it would make a fab addition to every makeup artist’s and beauty lover’s kit.


Bourjois Healthy Mix and L’Oreal True Match Foundations €15

Personally, I think these are the two best drugstore foundations. Bourjois Healthy Mix is super hydrating and more suited to dry skin types. It gives a flawless, healthy glow to your complexion. It uses fruit therapy for beautifully luminous skin, with ingredients like, apple, melon and apricot. L’oreal True Match, is a fantastic foundation, that simply DOES NOT BUDGE. It’s more suited to combination/oily skin types. There is a huge colour selection, so you will definitely find your perfect shade. Ultra-fine pigments provide the perfect coverage with no caking.



W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder €5

This is amazing for brightening the under eye area. It has a lovely smooth velvety feel and is easily blended. It’s finely milled, so not cakey at all. It’s supposedly a dupe for the Ben Nye Banana Powder and I have read sooooo many reviews on the comparision of the two, and it appears there really isn’t much in the difference. Except the price. Ben Nye is around the €21 mark.


Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder €5.50

This is my favourite drugstore setting powder. Setting your foundation with a powder is an important step in your makeup application.It ensures you get the most out of your foundation. This silky powder is great for reducing shine and giving a long lasting mattified, flawless finish to your skin.


Freedom Make Up London Pro Blush Palette €7.14

The palette I have is in shade “Pink and Baked”. It has 8 beautifully pigmented shades, 6 matte and 2 highlighters.  The colours are stunning and range from pink, coral and deep red tones. I also use this pallete for eyeshadows, a couple of them make beautiful transition colours. Huge thumbs up from me.


Dealz The Make Up Gallery Good to Glow Matte Bronzer €1.50

I have this in shade “Matte Medium 2” and I’m obsessed with it. I’d say every make up lover and their mother has it at this stage. It gives a warm beautiful sun kissed glow to the skin. I apply it to the top of my forehead, temples, under cheekbones, under my jawline and down each side of my nose. I also love to use it as a transition colour on my eyes. This is, supposedly, a dupe for Mac “Give me Sun”.


Catrice Glam and Doll Mascara €3.50

Personally, i think this is the best drug store mascara out there. It makes my lashes look longer, fuller and you can really layer it on for a more dramatic look. Such good quality for such a low price point.


Freedom Make Up London Eyebrow Pomade €5.95

This is my favourite brow product out there. So easy to apply and long lasting. I have it in shade “Soft Brown” and I just adore it. It’s important when you’re using pomades or gels on the brows to set it with a powder to help keep it in place. This is supposedly a dupe for the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade.


Penney’s Lip liner’s €1.50

These lip liners are super creamy and so easy to apply. They last really well and come in an array of shades. I have red, light pink, plum, nude and brown. Nude and brown are definitely my favourites, and the ones I use most often.


Make Up Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip lacquers €3.99

I love these from Make Up Revolution. They come in lots of shades and from left to right below are, “Keep Lying For You”, “Keep Trying For You” and “Velvet Depravity.” They are super pigmented and long lasting. They do crumble a little the longer they’re on but for the price they’re fab!


In the headings of each of the products I have linked the companies Facebook pages for you to find, and see where your nearest stockists are. If you are from Waterford Makeup Revolution and Freedom Make Up are available from Castle Pharmacy. Or if you’re not from Waterford, please check out the lovely Jennifer and Ciara’s blog Matte to Metallic for stockists. They are brand ambassadors for both Freedom Makeup London and Make Up Revolution and really know their stuff when it comes to make up.

So that’s it, I really hope you enjoyed this post and got a few new ideas for make up purchases and maybe even learned a thing or two. And just remember; makeup doesn’t have to be super expensive to be super.



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  1. I got the L’oreal foundation at the weekend and even though my skin is dry it’s working really well. I was delighted that I got a shade that suits as well because the bourjois one is too dark, they need lighter shades for my pale complexion! I also need to try out the Banana powder next time I come across it.


    1. I just adore the true match but love the Healthy Mix too 😍 To lighten a foundation try mix in some of your moisturiser 👌


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