The day Matte to Metallic came to Waterford!!!

So as some of you may know I recently organised my first beauty event in association with Re>Nu Treatment Rooms in The Tower Hotel, in Waterford. It all began with Snapchat!!! Snapchat is one of those social media platforms that I just find amazing, you follow complete strangers, chat to each other, get makeup tips and advice and build up a relationship with people that you haven’t even met. You really get the sense you know the person, it’s crazy!

Jennifer O’Donohoe was one of the first people I started following on Snapchat back in March and I just thought she was fantastic, with her down to earth and genuine personality to her incredible makeup skills and tips. Jen is one half of Matte to Metallic, and the other half is the lovely super talented Ciara Clinton.They are best friends who grew up together and now run their own makeup academy in Dublin, recently won Best Blog in Ireland and are brand ambassadors for Freedom Makeup and Makeup Revolution. They are definitely ones to follow. Find them on Facebook here => Matte to Metallic Find them on Instagram here => Mattetometallic Snapchat => “jennydonohoe283” “ciciclinton”


So on the 23rd of June, 2016 I had organised that they hold their very first Makeup Masterclass outside of Dublin……eeeeeeeek!!!! The excitement was unreal and I was over the moon to meet the girls in person. There was Prosecco on arrival and the class was held in the stunning and spacious Dunmore Room, in The Tower Hotel, which is just the perfect venue for any masterclass. We even had our own private bar!!! Castle Pharmacy were there on the night offering 10% off for all attendees and Ogra Skincare were there as well offering 10% off. It was the perfect girly night out.

Jen and Ciara work simultaneously on each of their models, so you’re watching 2 looks at the one time! It was so refreshing to see something completely different to other masterclasses I’ve been to, where they usually do one look, take a break, and then do the other look. The way Matte to Metallic do it, ensures you have always something to look at and it NEVER gets boring. They absolutely nailed it, showcasing 2 very different looks, executed in a very unique way.

Jen did a monochromatic look on her beautiful model Simone. This is when you pick one colour and use lots of different tones from that colour. She took us through step by step and answered any questions the girls had. The finished look was simply stunning!!!


Ciara loves a smokey eye! She showed us a smokey eye with a twist on her gorgeous model Mia => reverse smokey eye! This is where the darker colours are on the inner corner blown out lighter towards the outer corner of the eye. It was something I have never seen before and it was ah-mazing!


Ciara said something that really resonated with me because I am OBSESSED with skincare and that was, “The key to flawless makeup is your skin prep!” I couldn’t agree more. The girls explained the importance of using the right foundation and primers for your skin type; oily/dry/combination and explained how someone with oily skin can have dehydrated skin. It’s important to remember that dry skin lacks oil, dehydrated skin lacks water.


Another nice tip that  they gave was that if you suffer with redness don’t use a pink/red blusher, use a more coral toned blusher. Thanks so much for this tip girls, as I suffer wicked with redness and always just avoided blushers altogether. Not anymore!!!

Jen explained how she doesn’t particularly use eye primers but instead uses a concealer and sets it with a matte white or cream eyeshadow. This was music to my ears because I do this too, as I’ve always thought that eye primers are just too gimmicky. Concealer and matte shadows are just as effective, if not more!

When working on the eyes, or any part of the face really, if you hold the brush further down at the opposite end to the bristles you will get a better more seamless blend. Always add a little at a time and build up your colour. This will make blending easier and ensure no harsh lines. Mac 221 is a brush that Jen uses in EVERY makeup for blending.

Mac 221

Jen let us in on the secret to her always dramatic and unique lash application. She has an “Eyelash Graveyard”!!! You know the little bits we cut off our strip lashes after measuring them??? Well Jen keeps those and then adds them onto regular strip lashes to customize her look. What a brilliant idea!!!

Ciara explained a great technique to warm up your face with bronzer. Just think of the shape of the number 3; apply to temples, cheekbones and jawline. It’s like drawing the number 3 on your face with lovely bronzing beautiful-ness! She also explained the importance of standing back, if you’re doing makeup on a client, to see it from every angle and not just up close.

Bronzer Application

The girls stressed the importance of communication throughout the whole look, while doing makeup on a client.Find out exactly what they want and need, especially when it comes to brows, as they are just sooooo personal.

They used a range of products and tools including Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup, Inglot and Mac! They let us in on lots of tips and trick and I couldn’t possibly fit them all in this post. I learned so much and the feedback was just incredible. People had come up to me after wards saying how much they enjoyed it and how the girls has inspired them to try new things.

There were lots of giveaways on the night as well and I just want to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, The Tower Hotel, Re>Nu Treatment Rooms, Castle Pharmacy, Ogra Skincare, Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup and Glitter Glasses.

Jen and Ciara are hilarious as well as talented and had everyone laughing throughout.They bounced off each others energy and it really was a joy to watch them in action. They made it look so effortless! They were so easy to talk to and answered all our questions so naturally, like it was their second nature. I was actually gutted when it was all over. Hopefully they’ll be back in the Deise again soon. Thank you Jen and Ciara for demoing such fantastic looks and sharing your wisdom and expertise with us. I wish you both all the success in the world.




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  1. Joan Meehan says:

    Love Jen and Ciara… down to earth…..and not hung up on high end brands…..give great advice on dupes……and good crack to top it off….😀😀


    1. sarahdwan1 says:

      Couldn’t agree more Joan…they have such brilliant personalities and super talented ❤


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