Face Facts – Your face is YOURS

Have a look in the mirror! What you see staring back at you, is all YOURS! That’s your beautiful, unique face and every inch of it belongs to YOU! You can put OR not put, whatever YOU want on it.And that’s just a fact. If you want to wear loads of makeup, go for it. Brilliant!!! If you don’t want to wear any, good for you. Fantastic!!! What you CAN’T do is judge/criticize/comment nasty things online about what someone ELSE does to THEIR face, whether that be; wearing makeup, not wearing makeup, Botox, lip fillers, semi permanent makeup, piercings etc.


We live in a society gone mad with social media, which less face it, can often make us quite unsociable. People think that just because someone posts a photo of themselves publicly, that it’s ok to insult them or comment negatively on their physical appearance. And that they should just take it with a pinch of salt. Why??? Just because they have put themselves out there? They deserve to be insulted as well as the praised?? They’re still a person, with feelings, just like you, your mother or your little sister.


Would you walk up to a complete stranger in the street and say something negative about their appearance? I doubt you would. I know I wouldn’t. It shouldn’t be any different online.

It’s nice to be nice, there really isn’t any need for the negativity. If you don’t like something, scroll past, unlike, unfollow but don’t try bring someone down. It says more about you and what kind of person you are, than it does about the person on the receiving end of the insult. Online bullying is a real thing, and I’d love to see the day where it ceases to exist.


I often see girls comment under other girls photo’s, “Oh my God so much makeup, really no need, looks so unnatural” or the other end of it then, I often see comments like “Why don’t you wear makeup, it might actually cover those dark circles/spots/freckles” or whatever. My point is not to let, what OTHER PEOPLE, do with THEIR face, bother YOU and compel YOU to leave a nasty comment. Instagram is the worst for it!

Empowered People, Empower People.

Be one of those.



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